10 Guava Leaf Tea benefits i bet you didn’t know about it.

8 Guava Leaf Tea benefits i bet you didn't know about it pic

10 Guava Leaf Tea benefits I bet you didn’t know about it.

Guava Leaf Tea presents the different properties and benefits that for health represent the leaves of this exquisite tropical fruit as is guava, its leaves have the ability to eliminate bacteria, they are antioxidants and much more.. we’re going to know more about its advantages.

Among its properties is its sufficient capacity as antioxidants, since guava leaves are rich in polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids.

 10 Guava Leaf Tea benefits

  1. Guava juice is recommended for you to relieve gum pain, and if you chew leaves of this fruit alleviate problems such as toothache and oral ulcers.
  2. To maintain long and strong hair you must boil guava leaves, let cool and then with them perform massages on the scalp, so you can put a stop to hair loss and it will grow faster and stronger.
  3. The antioxidants of guava leaves prevent damage caused by free radicals, also protects your skin from photoaging, improving texture and skin tone.
  4. Guava leaf tea is very effective against diarrhea and dysentery because the leaves have antimicrobial properties.
  5. External ear infections can be cured faster by dropping tea from guava leaves, cold at room temperature, in the affected area.
  6.  Drink guava leaf tea on a regular basis to prevent excessive vaginal discharge.
    Guava tea washes can help keep the area clean and free of infections without the need to use soaps or other products.
  7. Guava Leaf Tea is also highly recommended for men with fertility problems.
  8. The antioxidants of guava leaves prevent damage caused by free radicals, also protects your skin from aging, improving texture and skin tone.
  9. Consuming guava leaf tea is said to not convert complex carbohydrates into sugar, which is what can cause the feeling of hunger and weight gain if it is not burned.
  10. Thanks to its diuretic properties and high potassium content, the guava leaf is ideal to avoid fluid retention which causes you to be inflamed for much of the day.

 Guava tea side effects.

There are some unwanted side effects of guava tea, including the following:

Complications for pregnant women.
Interactions with other drugs.

More specifically, if you are taking medications for diabetes or blood pressure, be sure to speak with your doctor before adding guava tea to your daily diet.

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