8 White tea benefits.

It is known by all that tea has to have that amount of properties highly for our health.

Today we will talk about the benefits of a particular type of tea: White tea.

In addition to its mild and sweet taste, white tea has a lot of beneficial properties for the body and mind.

It is one of the most delicate tea varieties because its processing requires very controlled conditions.

It comes from the very young leaves of the tea tree (Camellia Sinensis), and its production is deficient.

Because white tea leaves do not undergo oxidation, it contains the least amount of caffeine, about 15 mg per cup approximately.

It is the tea that has the most catechins and polyphenols, which are responsible for significant health benefits.

White tea is opening up a step on Green tea as it is even better than this in terms of benefits and properties.

One of the most prominent properties of white tea is its potency as a natural antioxidant.

White tea stands out as being the most potent antioxidant in nature.

Besides, white tea is much more effective and potent than vitamin E and vitamin C.

Not in vain, very few people know that white tea is much more abundant in antioxidants than green tea.

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8 Amazing White tea benefits.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Tea contains caffeine, although in less proportion than coffee, therefore it stimulates the nervous system but without producing arousal.

However, people who often have ventricular extrasystoles (advanced heartbeat), palpitations, or arrhythmias should not drink beverages that contain caffeine.

But most of the beneficial effects of tea are attributed to the flavonoids, they act as antioxidants, that is, they neutralize the effects of free radicals (molecules that can be harmful to the body’s cells, including those of the heart).

Experimental studies have shown that flavonoids promote the relaxation of blood vessels, helping to control hypertension.

It is also attributed to an antithrombotic effect (prevents the formation of clots in the arteries), a fundamental mechanism by which heart attacks occur.

Like many heart-healthy fruits and vegetables, white tea has a high flavonoid content that helps reduce hypertension.

By lowering blood pressure, white tea is useful for a wide range of cardiovascular health benefits.

It lowers blood cholesterol levels.

This variety of tea possesses certain slimming powers because it manages to accelerate metabolism.

Thus, this infusion favors the reduction of the lipids of both the cholesterol and the body fat.

This beverage is also beneficial to fight arteriosclerosis as it decreases triglyceride levels while elevating the standards of good or HDL cholesterol.

Does helps regulate blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

 It is Antibacterial.

As already mentioned, the different varieties of tea have a disinfectant effect against various bacteria, especially some pathogenic ones found in the gut and the skin or mucous membranes.

Again, it is the polyphenols that are responsible for this effect, and white tea is the one that has the highest concentration.

The high fluoride component by which this type of tea is characterized will also help us to maintain our oral health in an optimal state: it reduces bacterial plaque and protects us from tooth decay.

Combat bad breath due to dental bacterial plaques.

Prevent infections by improving defenses.

Activate the body’s defenses preventing infections. It stimulates mental performance in addition to combating tiredness without disturbing sleep as it is the type of tea that has the least caffeine.

White tea is known for its antioxidant capacity. Antioxidants in white tea help strengthen the immune system, so our defenses improve after consumption.

Improve your skin and prevent wrinkles.

White tea is one of those resources, because of its very well studied oxidizing characteristics, which protect the skin cells (and also the brain and liver) from the effects of aging.

But also polyphenols protect from the harmful action of sun rays, ultraviolet A and B.

The high polyphenol content of white tea (three times more than green tea) makes it a powerful antioxidant in the body.

This results in various properties that make this tea protect and help the structural proteins of the skin: elastin and collagen.

One of its effects is that it prevents the action of enzymes that damage elastin and collagen.

This, therefore, what it does delay the appearance of wrinkles on the face that occur over the years.

It is the best natural antioxidant.

One of the great benefits of tea is the high concentration of antioxidants they possess.

White tea is precisely the highest level of catechins and polyphenols present.

However, we know this quality of White tea confers a wide range of benefits.

The antioxidants protect the organism from free radicals that are produced freely by our metabolism, and that causes many harmful processes like damaging the DNA and cellular aging.

Antioxidants protect us from several of these effects, such as type II diabetes or cancer.

Help you lose weight.

Along with its slimming power, White tea accelerates the metabolism, favoring the reduction of body fat and cholesterol.

Purifying, detoxifying, also stimulates digestive secretions, making it easier to digest fatty foods.

But white tea has a stimulating effect: it produces satiety.

White tea is also a perfect aid for softening. It is due to the significant influence it has on the digestive system.

It does promote intestinal transit, helps eliminate unnecessary substances, and helps burn fat naturally and quickly.

Thanks also to its diuretic action, it is the ideal ally to fight fluid retention.

It is not fattening because it has no sugar, but it has a much more delightful taste than other tea with similar properties.

Reduce the risk of cancer.

In White tea, an antioxidant, in particular, known as ECGC, is the component in the treatment of colon cancer.

This molecule is also a polyphenol and is the “star” of cancer researchers.

One of the studies is to ensure that the patient can take pills with ECGC and some other component that transports it directly to young cancer cells.

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White Tea side effects.

While it is true that green tea does have specific contraindications, the truth is that as some scientific studies have concluded, as far as white tea is concerned, no evident side effects.

It is mainly due to its low caffeine content, which compared to green tea, it contributes only half.

And yet it does have more significant benefits due to its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Therefore, only contraindications in those people who are allergic to white tea in it.

How to make a cup of White Tea.

To make the most of your cup of White Tea, follow these simple steps.

It uses weak mineralization water in a temperature range of 60o to 80 OC.

Heat the kettle with hot water and place 2 g of White Tea per 200 cl cups of water, leaving them  rest for 2 minutes with the moisture in the kettle.

Pour the hot water over the preheated leaves and leave in infusion for 3 to 7 minutes, depending on variety and personal taste.

We can make up to 3 exquisite infusions with the selected White tea leaves.

To take advantage of all the antioxidants of White Tea, we recommend preparing it in maceration.

Leave the buds at rest for 2 hours in cold water, and you’ll get a refreshing, healthy drink.

With this method of preparation, white tea polyphenols have shown more activity than preparing it with hot water, an increase that has not other varieties of tea.

Due to its high potassium content, it is advisable to take between 1 and 3 cups daily.

You should also keep in mind that white tea has a somewhat delicate flavor and sweet taste.

So if you want, you can do without sugar or sweeteners.

White tea vs Green tea.

Depending on the variety of tea, and although this figure is not accurate, but if indicative, we can say that green tea contains 75% antioxidants compared to white tea.

Therefore, white tea is sometimes said to be more beneficial than green tea.

Most studies refer that the causal agent of the beneficial health effects of green tea is antioxidants.

Hence, if white tea contains more antioxidants, it is probably also more beneficial to health.

Instead, green tea contains more caffeine. One cup of green tea contains approximately 25-30 mg of caffeine and that white tea around 15-20 mg.

Many of the benefits of tea are associated with caffeine.

We can say that green tea is more balanced because even if it contains fewer antioxidants than white tea, it is still a drink rich in antioxidants.

In addition, green tea contains more caffeine, which would be more useful for weight loss and increasing alert or concentration levels.

Although keep in mind that both are perfectly compatible, the difference between antioxidant content is very modest and caffeine is also when compared to black tea that contains few antioxidants and a lot of caffeine.

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Final Thoughts.

When we talk about white tea we mean, as in green tea, a great variety of teas, all of them different.

The same tea has different organoleptic characteristics basically depending on the terrain, the harvest period,… (The best way to assess these differences is by testing the different types of tea).

Another thing we want to comment on is the color of the white tea leaves.

Just because it’s called, that doesn’t mean its leaves are white.

On the front of the leaves, when they are young, there is a lint that can be maintained or not depending on the production process.

The leaves that have lint will be more or less white depending on several variables once the tea is processed, but we can also find leaves without the lint.

This detail is not significant to determine the quality of white tea; it is simply to clarify that white tea does not have to have a white leaf.

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