Imagine what the Brits thought about when they heard of cheese tea for the first time?

Technically the idea of combining an infusion with a dairy product shouldn’t seem so crazy.

For centuries, traditional Tea with English milk has been considered an elegant and refined drink.

There are even people who put cream on it, just like coffee.

Why might it seem strange that someone thinks of putting cheese on the infusion? Maybe it’s a good taste.

That’s just happening these days when this new drink called cheese tea starts to impose itself as the new fashion trend in gourmet drinks.

This invention is a matter of the “Hey Tea” chain, which is spreading like gunpowder through Chinese cities thanks to its bitter tea topped with salty cheese.

This chain has opted for a wide range of flavors of these teas in which you can find combinations of the two-star ingredients, cheese, and tea, with other flavors such as peach, condensed milk, chocolate, Matcha tea, Jasmine tea, and even with popular Oreo cookies.

There are combinations for everyone.

The look of these colorful and original drinks can be summed up in the following: a transparent tea, glass of different flavors with a cheese cream topping on top.

Four months after Heytea’s first stores opened in Shanghai in February 2017, security guards had to manage long lines with wait times of up to three hours.

Sales had to be limited to two teas per person to avoid resales, a limit that still applies in Beijing.

A lot of people eat cheese and drink tea. However, not many people have had the combination together until recently.

There’s a food trend with cheese and tea, and people love it. After all, there are many cheese dishes included.

Cheese is so versatile that it can be on your burger, in your salad, on your pizza, and even on your cake.

Someone came up with the idea of putting it in a drink. So, is it a food or a drink? It is sold as a drink, but is enjoyed as both.

Let’s talk about the new trend: cheese tea!

So, what is cheese tea?  At first glance, that sounds unappealing.

But the cheese used for this drink is actually cream cheese, sweet or salty, and the effect you get looks more like a thick version of cheesecake than anything else.

An infusion topped by a thick layer of cream cheese that is sweeping Asia and it is becoming hip all over the world.

Those who have tried this curious drink say that the salty touch of this diary makes the tea taste even better because it disguises quite well the somewhat bitter taste of the infusions.

One of the advantages of this drink is that you can opt for its cold version, adding even ice, or its hot version, perfect to warm up on those winter days.

Both forms are perfect to enjoy a good cheese tea that you can even prepare in your own home with a few simple notions that we will give you later.

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How to drink Cheese tea. The right way

But before you explain how to make cheese tea at home, you should know the right way to drink cheese tea.

And it has a trick because the cream of cheese that gives the special touch to the infusion stays on top as if it were the foam of a beer, so if you do not follow these tips you will end up drinking all the cream first and you will not appreciate the mix of both liquids.

First, you have to remove the lid of the glass and sip some cheese foam, but first, you have to tilt the glass an angle of 45 degrees.

Then put the lid back on and with the help of a straw, drink some tea.

Finally, shake the glass well to mix the cheese with the tea.

There are experts who recommend stirring before drinking and others who don’t.

“When you drink without mixing it all, you can feel two layers of flavor: cheese, followed by tea.” “If you drink it with a straw, you can mostly only taste the tea”

How to make Cheese Tea at home.

 For Tea.

Cheese teas have a black or green tea base.


Loose or bags of any type of tea you prefer.

Sugar to taste.

For Cheese.


1 cup (ca. 237 cm³) of fresh milk.

1 tablespoon cream cheese.

1/2 teaspoon salt.

1 tablespoon condensed milk.

1 tablespoon sugar.

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Cheese Tea recipe.

Boil the water and add the tea bags, let it rest for a few minutes.

If you have chosen that your cheese tea is cold, let the infusion cool, you can also include ice to accelerate the process.

Take a bowl and add the fresh cream and cream cheese, stir well until they are mixed.

Add condensed milk and milk little by little, also sugar and salt.

Put all the ingredients together until they are well integrated.

Try to beat quickly and energetically with a rod to get a little bubbly

let it cool off.

In a long glass introduce the infusion first, leaving about two fingers before the edge.

Then pour the prepared cheese cream over the tea, do it gently, so you will avoid mixing.

You can add some toppings like Matcha tea powder or Cocoa powder if you like.

Finished with a pinch of rock salt.

And just enjoy it!!!

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Final thoughts.

If you are a number a fan of cheese, beware of taunting because this combination of infusion and cheese foam is plaguing social media.

Do you want to know where the secret is? Very typical: take away from the tea that wonderful quality of being light.

And the truth is that this culinary option is not at all crazy as some varieties of tea, such as black, combine perfectly with milk, so with a soft cheese foam, it would be a real burst of flavor.

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