What are the benefits of ginger tea with lemon and honey?

Ginger tea with lemon and honey is the way to go.

Without question, this acidic ingredient has become one of the most popular in the world and one of the favorites in our kitchen.
In large measure, its success is due not only to its delicious taste, but to a large number of benefits it offers to our body.
As a result, consuming a little ginger a week is not only a pleasure for our palate, but it makes our body good.
The reason it has become one of the most sought-after products of recent years is largely due to its flavor; but also to the great number of benefits it brings to our body.
This drink has it all. On the one hand, the pronounced flavor of lemon and ginger gives it all the character you were looking for.
This will give you the breath and refreshing feeling in your body. It’s like your entire body is cleansing itself.

And then there is the honey. It is the ideal complement to this drink. It will give you the sugar spike needed to make them taste much more enjoyable.
Take one of these infusions half an hour before bed and you’ll see how to better fall asleep, how you have a more refreshing breath and how your digestion process improves.
As such, many people test it in delicious infusions at night with honey and lemon. If you’re one of those people who asked you how to make these infusions, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why combine ginger with lemon and honey?

Combining ginger, lemon and honey is perfect because we can appreciate the properties and nutrients found in the three ingredients.
They include citrus properties such as vitamin C, various vitamin complexes B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), ascorbic acid, minerals, and niacin.
Although honey is responsible for incorporating nutrients and properties such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, minerals such as iron and zinc, antioxidants, enzymes, and different carbohydrates.
By combining these 3 ingredients you can benefit from all these nutrients mentioned, in addition to the ginger’s own benefits.
Your taste will be different, unique, and delicious. These are the most important reasons why we should incorporate ginger into our diet at the same time as lemon and natural honey bees.
Ginger only contains many qualities and provides great benefits, lemon and honey will provide its own properties and nutrients that strengthen the benefits of ginger.
These will help you under a variety of conditions brought on by any reason, as well as greatly relax your body.
ginger tea with lemon and honey

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Benefits of ginger tea with lemon and honey.

Ginger, lemon, and honey, What a combo!
Finding an ideal combination of ginger with other ingredients can be challenging, its bitter taste does not make it an accompaniment in every case.
Ideally, find a formula that incorporates all its properties, nutrients, and compounds that are highly beneficial.
Before you can tell yourself what ginger with lemon and honey is for, it’s a good idea to review some of the most important properties that this extraordinary medicinal plant has.
This way, the next time you do the weekly errands, you will be convinced of the need to include a good amount of ginger in your home. Some of its properties include:

It makes nausea go away.

Next time you get dizzy, try chewing a few chunks of ginger. Its acid taste will help you balance your PH and decrease nausea.

Reduced appetite.

One of the biggest advantages that ginger has is that it helps us to decrease anxiety and lose excess appetite.
If you want to improve your health and lose weight fast, you must take this into consideration.

Improve digestion.

When you have had a large meal, a piece of ginger will be everything you need to improve your digestion process.

Flu aid.

Did you get some annoying flu? Ginger will be the best ally you have. A tea of this medicinal plant and you will be taken care of in a few hours.

Minimizes muscle pain.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory potential that will help reduce muscular and articular pain.

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Side effects of ginger tea.

Under normal circumstances, ginger has no contraindications (in sufficient quantities, which are not excessive).
However, when there is any basic pathology or any particular condition in the person taking it, its use is contraindicated, as it could harm your health or cause some medical complications.
So while ginger is used to treat different kinds of symptoms, it is also true that there are a number of contraindications that we should consider.
The most important contraindications for ginger are:


Though it is true that some believe that ginger may also be consumed during pregnancy, there is another line of opinion that goes in the opposite direction.
This second line discusses possible hormonal changes caused by ginger, as well as the possibility of premature contractions.
On the other hand, in these cases, ginger can also induce anticoagulant effects, which would increase the risk of bleeding.
As a result, ginger is generally contraindicated during pregnancy.


Another negative indication for ginger is diabetes. While ginger does not alter blood sugar levels, due to its low glycemic index, in patients receiving insulin therapy, it should be avoided.
Ideally, you should always visit your family physician, or a specialist, to talk to us about it.


The next contraindication for ginger is that it develops hemophilia. It is a disease that prevents our blood from clotting properly.
They bleed for extended periods of time. If you take ginger in these cases, it may happen that by stimulating the bloodstream, there will be a “shock” in our body.
That is, ginger has anticoagulant effects, so if swallowed, it does the same effect as the disease, which could cause bleeding, bruising, and other complications.
For this reason, ginger should not be taken if you are a hemophiliac.

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Hypertension is also a contraindication to ginger, since its consumption may damage our blood pressure, by blocking the calcium channels.
When we consume calcium, it penetrates the blood vessels and speeds up blood velocity, increasing our blood pressure.
Therefore, if we have high blood pressure and are treated (with drugs that lower blood pressure), by consuming ginger, we would cause the same effect.

Taking blood thinners.

Taking anticoagulants is also a contraindication for ginger. Thus, ginger is not recommended in these cases, as ginger exerts the same effect as anticoagulant drugs (delays blood clotting).
Medications that have anticoagulants include aspirin and ibuprofen.
In addition, anticoagulant medications are prescribed to prevent the formation of thrombus in the blood, in individuals who are prone to them.
benefits of ginger tea with lemon and honey

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If you are lightweight.

The next counter-indications of ginger are to have a low weight.
This is because one of the effects of ginger is its slimming effect, by the suppression of appetite, the acceleration of our digestive system, and the elimination of excess fat.
Therefore, if we are already low in weight, it is not advisable to consume ginger, as it may harm our health.

If you are looking to increase muscle mass.

Related to the above contraindication, it is also not recommended to consume ginger in cases of people who want to increase their muscle mass, since, as we have seen, this plant has a slimming effect, which would hinder such purpose.
So, in this case, more than a contraindication, it’s a non-recommendation.

Heart problems.

The following contraindication for ginger is the development of heart (cardiac) problems.
While ginger is beneficial for releasing blood vessels, it is also true that too high a dose could lead to the opposite effects.
In case you have a heart problem and want to consume ginger, an appropriate dosage/pattern, it would take up to 4 days, resting a week. However, it is always necessary to call in a medical specialist to dispel these doubts.

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The recipe for ginger tea with lemon and honey.


  • 1/5 lemon
  • 240ml water
  • 1 tablespoon grated ginger.


  • Bring the water to a boil and add the ginger.
  • Let it boil for 5 minutes and rest for another 5 minutes.
  • Strain the ginger infusion and add the previously squeezed lemon juice.
  • Serve on one in a cup and add honey if you need to sweeten it.

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