What is Dragon Well tea?

Originally from Zhejiang province, it is one of the best and most famous Chinese green teas.

Made entirely by hand in woks on live flame and lubricated by tea seed oil, the movements of its skilled preparers gives it its renowned flat shape reminiscent of a sword and usually has parts toasted by the heat.

The color of their liquor is bright yellow; intensely aromatic and mild, sweet and persistent flavor, with notes of cooked vegetables and slightly nuts.

A must stop to form the taste of fine green tea.

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The best quality of tea is collected in early spring (late March/early April), before the Qing Ming Festival.

The tea is usually classified by its degree of quality and the place where it is produced.

The best grades are for small buds or small buds with a pair of leaves collected by hand from the tip of the stems during this time.

The specificity of the leaves is that they can be rotated, interlaced as if playing with water.

The infusion is usually prepared in glasses or glass teapots.

The glass has a neutral impact on the tea, as well as showing the intense green of the drink and the flat characteristic leaves that must float for a few minutes.

This coveted tea has a surprisingly high level of caffeine, almost the same as a cup of coffee.

But there are other active ingredients that can calm the body at the same time.

This specialty tea has a slightly astringent flavor, similar to other green teas, but is light yellow.

Instead of the greenish-yellow color of most similar teas.

It contains vitamin C, amino acids, and a high concentration of catechins (antioxidants).

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What is Dragon Well tea?

Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) is China’s national pride.

Because of its exceptional properties, flavor, and aroma, this tea is recognized as the country’s main green tea.

The name “The Dragon Well” is associated with different historical and folkloric descriptions.

But is usually associated with the behavior of tea leaves in the water, which, by their movement resemble a dragon.

It is renowned for its high quality and praised for its four qualities: Jade color, sweet vegetable aroma, soft flavor, and unique flattened shape.

Dragon well tea benefits.

Weight loss.

By stimulating metabolism and increasing energy levels, this tea can help with the passive burning of fat and weight loss.

Heart health.

It is known that this tea reduces blood pressure and helps the body maintain cholesterol levels under control, preventing atherosclerosis and reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary artery disease.

Stress and anxiety.

The theanine found in this specialty tea is a known sedative substance that helps counteract the stimulating effects of caffeine in tea.

Side effects of Longjing tea.

There are very few side effects of this tea, but as with any beverage containing caffeine, there may be side effects related to gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomach.

In addition, drinking an excessive amount of this tea can cause nervous system problems and lack of sleep.

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Longjing flavor.

This special flavor is remembered for a lifetime.

It contains a deep taste of honey and nut sweetness butter and floral astringency, which echoes notes of spring freshness.

Having such versatility of aromas, its smell is not strong. When preparing tea is never cloudy.

It is usually emerald, golden or green-yellow; it all depends on its origin and time of collection.

Its characteristic feature is a sweet aftertaste, which occurs due to the high content of antibacterial substances.

With a higher social purpose, unfortunately, it is rarely possible to buy it, because the probability of buying a real longing on the world market is only about 30%.

How is Dragon Well tea made?

Dragon Well tea is made of tender tea buds and leaves, it is not suitable for using boiling hot water.
You can let the boiled water cool down for several minutes, and then pour it in the cup.
The proper temperature is 80°C- 85°C (176℉ to 185°F).

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