Is Guava leaf tea healthy?

If guava alone has amazing properties, you won’t be able to believe the health benefits of guava leaf tea.

For this, it is first to start from their characteristics: they have polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants.

Long ago in countries like Mexico and many parts of Central America. This natural product has been used to alleviate different conditions.

By crushing them and using their juices, the hair grew, they also chewed them to aid gastrointestinal health.

It is applied as an anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Guava leaves Tea presents the different properties and benefits that for health representing the young leaves of this exquisite tropical fruit is guava.

Its leaves can eliminate bacteria, they are antioxidants, and much more.

We’re going to know more about its advantages.

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The guava tree is a plant that comes from South America and Central America.

It is a plant found in tropical and subtropical areas of the planet.

Its size reaches between 3 and 6 meters high in some cases.

If it is located in a place surrounded by other plants, it can grow up to 10 m.

Guava fruit is one of the best-known fruits in South America.

Among its properties are its sufficient capacity as antioxidants, since guava leaves are rich in polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids.

Guava leaves have medicinal properties that are very useful when it comes to offering a wide choice of health benefits.

Another of its benefits is related to its property as an anti-inflammatory.

It has a high concentration of tannins, which causes guava leaf to be recognized as an analgesic.

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Is guava leaf tea healthy?

It has properties that fight glucose and is an anticoagulant, which helps reduce the risk of suffering from some heart diseases.

Can improve blood circulation, lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, and reduces high levels of blood pressure and heart rate.

It reduces high sugar levels and at the same time improves insulin resistance.

Guava is a fruit with a lot of flavors and that we can enjoy nature as a sweet.

Perhaps few of us know that it is a huge source of vitamin C (more than several fruits such as orange and lemon), which helps us prevent respiratory problems.

But the leaves turn out to be a medicinal remedy to treat some ailments.

Control of diabetes.

It has a high concentration of lycopene, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium that control blood sugar levels.

People who are at risk of developing diabetes can help prevent it by drinking guava tea.

A cup of Guava leaf tea daily can be very beneficial for diabetes

The regular drinking of organic guava tea with every meal helps pre-diabetic and diabetic patients.

It contains substances called catechins that not only help burn fat but regulate blood sugar levels in your body.

Which is beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes or at risk of diabetes.

Decreases menstrual pains.

To relieve the spasms and pains associated with menstruation we can take the tea from the guava leaves several times a day, as it has analgesic properties.

If you have hormonal or uterine fibroid problems, your periods are likely to be too painful.

In this case, try this infusion to make your cycle more bearable, but check with your doctor first.

Relieves diarrhea.

Guava is commonly used as an antidiarrheal.

They contain specific compounds that have a natural antibiotic activity that helps kill certain types of pathogens.

Drinking tea for 3 days is a powerful remedy to relieve the symptoms of this condition.

Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of the leaves.


This tropical fruit contains in every 100 grams, about 500 milligrams of antioxidant substances.

Ranking above grapes, plums, apple, pomegranate, and pineapple, among others.

Guava has high vitamin C and A content, important antioxidants.

It has important polyphenols such as quercetin and myricetin, which prevent diseases linked to cellular aging.

As they directly attack free radicals.

Guava leaves tea for weight loss.

Guava tea can help absorb carbohydrates from your body while absorbing the amount of sugar and calories that are absorbed, and that encourages weight loss.

Consumption of guava leaf tea is said not to convert complex carbohydrates into sugar.

Which is what can cause hunger and weight gain if not burned.

Vitamin C.

As a good source of vitamin C and flavonoids, Guava leaf tea is recommended to help strengthen the immune system and alleviate airway conditions.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the most effective vitamins for the protection of health in humans.

This nutrient is mainly known for strengthening defenses, which play an important role in some common diseases.


Tea is also known to help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol without having any negative effects on HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or good cholesterol levels.

Protect your Heart.

Guava can also benefit your heart and circulatory system.

Leaves compounds can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

This is stated in a study in which it was revealed that laboratory animals with high blood pressure, fed the guava leaves extracts, had reduced blood pressure and heart rate.

Drinking guava leaf tea could also improve the concentration of lipids in your blood.

It can also help lower cholesterol in the blood and unhealthy triglycerides in human subjects.

Prevent and fight Cancer.

In guava leaves are compounds that have anticancer effects related to the ability to prevent and even fight cancer.

These findings suggest that guava leaves may interfere with multiple signaling cascades linked to tumorigenesis and provide a source of potential therapeutic compounds for both cancer prevention and treatment, particularly prostate cancer.

Men suffering from prostate problems and even prostate cancer may benefit from guava leaf tea.

Healthy mouth.

Taking this preparation regularly is a good way to prevent cavity problems and inflammation of the gums.

Even if you chew the leaves you can eliminate the problems of bad breath.

For hair loss.

Vitamin B2 is essential for tissue restoration. It is included in many hair care products.

Guava leaf extracts are essential to prevent hair loss, especially when used continuously for scalp care.

With guava tea leaves boiled in water and letting it cool to room temperature, you can massage the scalp to end hair loss and make it grow quickly.

Guava leaves for the skin.

Finely crushed guava leaves can be applied to acne and pimples.

Doing this allows the vitamin C content of the leaves to take action helping to cure.

Are you looking for a natural way to get rid of pimples?

In a blender, put a few crushed guava leaves and some water.

Use the resulting mixture as a facial scrub.

Guava tea for sleep.

For insomnia problems or problems resting during the night, guava leaf leaves can be the solution.

Since this acts as a natural relaxant that will help you fall asleep.

Guava leaves act as a natural sedative that can help treat sleep problems, in this case, to help you sleep better and rest the way your body needs it.

A cup of guava leaf tea before going to sleep could be the perfect remedy to help you fall asleep.

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guava leaf tea

What are the guava leaf tea side effects?

Because of its potassium content, it should be used under medical advice in the case of patients with cardiac treatment.

Complications for pregnant women.


Interactions with other drugs.

More specifically, if you are taking medications for diabetes or blood pressure.

Be sure to talk with your doctor before adding guava tea to your daily diet.

Having a strong purifying power, thanks to its water and fiber content.

Guava helps eliminate what your body does not need, and here they sure enter the toxins.

How to make guava tea for weight loss.

Having a strong purifying power, thanks to its water and fiber content.

Guava helps eliminate what your body does not need, and here they sure enter the toxins.

Then don’t hesitate. Write down the recipe for how to make guava tea to lose weight from today and you will see that with each sip you will lose the extra pounds in less time than you imagine.


– 1 tea bag of guava tea.

– 1 cup of hot water.


Heat the water, and add the tea bags, to boiling water.

Remove from heat, cover, and let stand for a couple of minutes.


Have one fasting cup and another cup before bed.

The key is that you’re consistent when drinking guava leaf tea to lose weight and do it daily for a month.

Guava nutritional information.

Guavas are delicious, aromatic, and rich in vitamin C.

Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B9 (folic acid), C, D, and K.

Minerals: calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, selenium, sodium, and potassium.


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Final Thoughts.

Guava is a fruit of the tropical tree genus that is considered to be one of the most widely used foods in traditional medicine.

This is because it brings great benefits and has numerous nutritional powers.

If anything to stand out from the guava plant since the benefits and properties that these can bring us are the guava leaves.

This is where most of the virtues of this magical tree are.

We are certainly looking at an ingredient that should be in most households for its extensive health benefits.

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