Symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats, appear in many women with the advent of menopause, but today we have for you some of the best teas for hot flashes relief.

A surge of heat that starts in the chest and rises to the head generating abundant sweat.

Especially in the area of the neckline, neck, face, and armpits, even if you have not done any physical activity.

In some cases, you may notice palpitations, feeling distressed and cold, or chills.

This unpleasant feeling is what women who suffer from hot flashes perceive.

And it doesn’t happen to all the women who have reached menopause and it doesn’t just happen at this stage.

A few years before menstruation is permanently removed, they can start to appear.

These discomforts are related to the sudden hormonal variations typical of this period.

As estrogen production decreases, and can affect women over the age of 50.

Hot flashes are suffered by more than two-thirds of women during perimenopause, and almost all women who are induced or have premature menopause, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Reasons for hot flashes.

Menopause symptoms are diverse and varied in each woman.

One of the most common is hot flashes, which manifests as a sudden sensation of heat and anxiety.

Causing an increase in blood flow in the skin of the neck, face, and chest, accompanied by sweating and palpitations.

In 20% of women persist for more than five years”

In general, hot flashes are caused by hormonal changes in menopause.

Decreased estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling appetite, sleep cycles, sex hormones, and body temperature

Hot Flashes During Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a period of drastic changes in the body, hot flashes, and night sweats are the results of the multiple alterations that the body undergoes.

Hot flashes are due to the acceleration of metabolism that comes with gestation and is suffered by pregnant women as a sudden sensation of heat, especially in the areas of the neck, head, and chest.

Some pregnant women also feel uncomfortable at night complaining of “hot feet.”

It is totally normal to experience these symptoms, not to be confused with fever, because there is no increase in body temperature.

Which too could be dangerous, and despite being harmless symptoms are not less annoying.

Why do they occur?

Although the exact mechanism is not known, the appearance of these heat outbursts, as is also the case for perimenopausal women, relates to hormonal changes.

Which have so far been rhythmic in each cycle and now change radically.

At the beginning of the pregnancy, there is a decrease of estrogen, which we remember having periodic ups and downs.

During successive menstrual cycles until conception occurs and with the maintenance of the endometrium by the progesterone.

That is secreted from the literal body, the rest of the follicle where the egg matured in the ovary.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the follicle will stop governing the secretion of progesterone.

And it will be the placenta that takes care of the situation.

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The 9 best teas for hot flashes relief.

Green tea.

It helps to calm people who suffer from stress, anxiety, or are irritable and nervous, as is the case with many women achieved by menopause.

For the control of cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, and, being a powerful antioxidant.

It is also good for regenerating dead skin cells and losing weight.

Another of the symptoms common in women with menopause and that we have not mentioned before.

Red Clover Tea.

One of the best teas for hot flashes.

It is considered a source of a multitude of nutrients such as chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, or vitamin C.

One of its virtues is the large percentage of isoflavone it contains that thanks to them can treat certain symptoms of menopause.

Maca Tea.

Reduces premenstrual symptoms and menstrual pain.

Reduces menopause symptoms (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweat, incontinence, sleep problems, mood swings, forgetfulness, loss of muscle mass…).

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Hops Tea.

Hot flashes are a direct consequence of a lack of estrogen.

And recently it has been discovered that hops contain a type of flavonoid that acts as an effective phytoestrogen (a plant substance similar to female estrogens).

Having a high concentration of phytoestrogens and flavonoids makes it easier for women to function in the endocrine system, also favoring breast augmentation.

Dong Quai Root Tea.

It contains natural substances with an activity similar to estrogen.

This makes it a great help not only to combat hot flashes, but also other symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety, headaches.

BlackBerry Leaf Tea.

This delicious and aromatic tea will allow women to reduce the number of hot flashes.

In addition to improving their changing mood or excess bleeding that some women suffer during Premenopause.

Black Cohosh Tea.

Traditionally, it has been used to treat several women’s own conditions, mainly menopause symptoms.

It is considered an alternative to hormone replacement therapy to counteract hot cuts, mood disturbances, excessive sweating, palpitations, and vaginal dryness that may occur during menopause.

The safety and efficacy of black cohosh beyond one year are not proven.

Different reports suggest that its use should be short-term and should be administered with caution.

Under the supervision of a professional.

Linden Tea.

The Linden Flower infusion is very suitable for treating hot flashes and night sweats during menopause.

So you should take it one hour before you go to sleep.

Sage Tea for hot flashes.

Known as the women’s health plant, it is proven that Sage is excellent for combating many of the symptoms of menopause, especially night sweats.

Take after your meals, for 3 days in a row. Rest a week and start again.

This plant has always been used to relieve the annoying heats and sweating that occur.

Especially during the night, so it will help you sleep better.

His goodness also resides in his phytoestrogens.

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Recommendations to reduce hot flashes.

  • Maintain an optimal level of hydration is a fundamental variable to ward off this discomfort. Drink at least two liters of water a day and, to achieve this, Always carry a bottle of water with you so that the hydration is continuous.
  • Dress in layered layers so you can take off your clothes if you get hot.
  • Keep a low ambient temperature. – Avoid hot drinks, such as coffee or tea.
  • Use a cold, damp wipe on your neck during hot flashes.
  • Do not smoke because it makes hot flashes worse.
  • Increased physical activity (30-60 minutes per day).
  • Reduce alcohol and tobacco from your routine.

Both cause you to raise your body temperature and are harmful to your health.

In addition, hot drinks or spicy foods provide extra warmth that doesn’t help.

Final Thoughts

Menopause experts stress that keeping stays well ventilated, escaping sudden temperature changes.

Dressing in multiple layers are measures that can help prevent or cope with a hot flash.

Alcohol, very hot, or spicy foods should be avoided as they act as triggers.

No smoking, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in line with age.

The Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil is especially important to measure at this stage.

Preserving a stimulating social and intellectual life is useful in preventing hot flashes.

Various pathologies that appear at this stage, such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Finally, regular reviews and follow the recommendations your doctor prescribes based on the risk factors that each woman presents.

It will help maintain a good quality of life after menopause and achieve healthy aging.

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