4 Best Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Teas.

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Best Anti-Inflammatory herbal teas.

Swelling of a knee due to wear of the joint, or experiencing pain in the fingers or toes of arthritis, as well as asthma, kidney problems, shocks, allergies, heart disease, among many other ailments, can cause inflammation in some part of our organism.

It is a necessary immune response from the body, which depends on the natural healing process.

However, the pain caused by this inflammation has a full impact on the quality of life, deteriorating appreciably.

Those who suffer it, they know it too well.

In addition, professionals suspect that this process influences obesity, heart disease, and even cancer., are habitual processes that almost always force us to have to resort to a drug to eliminate such annoyance.

Why inflammation occurs.

There are several causes of pain caused by inflammation, for example, pathogens (germs) such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi; External injuries, such as chafing or those caused by foreign objects (for example, a thorn stuck on a finger); And the effects of chemical agents or radiation.

Swelling, called edema, is mainly produced by the accumulation of fluid outside the blood vessels.

Arthritis is another possible cause, as it causes permanent inflammation of the joints.

Inflammation can be very painful, as irritation causes the cartilage to deteriorate (the spongy tissue that protects the joints.
Teatulia Organic Tea

However, there are wonderful natural anti-inflammatory drugs that can alleviate joint pain in a very effective way.

Obviously, we should always follow the medical prescriptions first but fortunately, there are herbal teas and plants that possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which constitute excellent natural alternatives.

These herbal teas may not be the answer to all inflammatory issues, but their anti-inflammatory compounds can be a significant help.

Herbal teas.

Turmeric Ginger Tea  

Ibuprofen and other pain relievers work by blocking an enzyme called COX-2.

This is a protein involved in inflammatory processes.

By doing this, the medicine relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

Turmeric has been shown to have a very similar effect to ibuprofen, thanks to its high concentration of curcumin.

This component also functions as an inhibitor of the COX-2 enzyme.

Goldenseal Tea.

It is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Stimulates the immune system to remove irritants that may cause inflammation.

May also alleviates inflammation of the joints, urinary and digestive tracts.

It even stimulates the immune system to remove irritants that may cause inflammation.

Milk Thistle Tea.

One study found that the antioxidant extracts of the Thistle Mariano inhibit the formation of COX-2 (enzyme cyclooxygenase).

This effect of silymarin (a compound mainly present in the seeds) explains in part because the plant inhibits the growth of prostate, breast and skin cancers in the laboratory.

Rosemary Tea.

This aromatic plant is rich in ursolic acid and many of its derivatives. Best Anti-Inflammatory herbal teas pic

Normally of local use, infusions of leaves are used that are applied in the inflamed zone by means of compresses. Rosemary alcohol friction is also used to treat arthritis.

See what the best option is for your problem and avoid self-medication because it can be dangerous. Go to your doctor and follow his directions.

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