4 Delicious Iced Tea for the Summer Time.

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Summer is synonymous with cold and refreshing drinks, those that can quench the thirst but even more, if it is iced tea, as apart from refreshing and delight with a variety of flavors, is already proven to be beneficial to our health, this has fewer calories, is much more moisturizing and possesses a large number of active ingredients that can do wonders in the human body.

We live in very cultural society, and no matter how small, there is always a reason to celebrate and celebrate by eating and drinking.

From here arises the need to look for other options less caloric, without fats or without sugars…

Following this search for a healthier ‘ soda ‘, there are doubts about what I can ask for in an establishment.

The options are the usual but ‘ zero ‘ or ‘ light ‘ among others.

But also we have iced tea.

Teatulia Organic Tea

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What is Tea?

It is a set of leaves, flowers and other parts of tea plants, for example, Camellia sinensis.

This set of herbs is infused in hot water for a short time and then water can be taken.

Tea is found directly in bulk or in small paper bags to facilitate infusion.

However, when it’s hot, you don’t usually fancy a hot drink and here is the origin of iced tea.

The simple gesture of adding the infusion to a glass of ice would be enough.

4 Delicious Teas for the Summer Time.


Cranberry Tea.

Cranberry Tea is organic and naturally caffeine free.

This herbal tea can be savored hot, or it can be iced as a refreshment for a hot summer day.

When dried and powdered, these berries also make a refreshingly tart and invigorating tea.

 Hibiscus Tea.

It is a tea with a refreshingly tart and sharp-flavored.

This tea is well known as iced tea and regularly served throughout hot summer months.

The Watermelon Tea is a very refreshing tea to take cold in the hot months.

Flavored with the concentration of mature melon and compact cucumber for the ultimate refreshing sip.

It is ideal to take in the mornings and at noon.

In the mouth leaves a very nice melon flavor.

Ginger Green Tea.

The delicacy of green tea adds a gentle meditative quality to the warmth of ginger.

The sweet fruity taste of lemon and lemongrass along with fresh mint leads to this green tea even higher, giving it a refined and refreshing quality.

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