7 best herbal teas for inflammation and indigestion.


7 best herbal teas for inflammation and indigestion pic


Indigestion points out to a set of symptoms that occur in the upper abdomen.

It is not a disease as such and is often the product of digestive difficulties that occur when eating too much or irritating dishes.

Abdominal inflammation is a condition that goes beyond aesthetics.

Most people who suffer from it tend to worry about their figure.

However, abdominal inflammation can be battle.

It usually occurs as a result of indigestion, a problem that occurs because of a poor combination of food or overeating.

 7 herbal teas for inflammation and indigestion. 

Boldo Tea.

The Boldo has leaves composed of boldina, a molecule that stimulates the secretion of bile (an organic liquid that aids digestion).

It has diuretic properties; Soothes stomach pain and irregular intestinal discomfort.

Reduces flatulence and pain that comes along with it.

Relieves the pain of those who suffer from food intolerance, such as gluten.

It also contains an essential oil known as cineole, which acts as a tonic for the liver and digestive system.

Its infusion helps soothe acidity in the stomach and decreases pain and inflammation.

So, it’s excellent for combating indigestion.

Green Tea.

Green tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Its consumption is majority mainly in the Orient, although there has been a boom for decades in western societies.

Most countries whose inhabitants drink tea on a daily basis often have a much lower level of the stomach or digestive problems, as well as premature aging.

The effects that tea has when it comes to acting as a home remedy for indigestion are based on the fact that by taking it hot it reduces inflammation and facilitates heavy digestion.

 Chamomile Tea.

Is one of the best-known infusions after the classic teas.

Chamomile is also a classic home remedy to treat indigestion because of its ability to relax the stomach muscles, as well as the possible inflammation and also when it comes to promoting digestion.

Ginger Tea.

Ginger constitutes another classic home remedy for treating the symptoms of indigestion.

The reason why this tuber is an ingredient that has been used for centuries as a remedy for stomach and digestive problems of all kinds lies in its medicinal properties.

Ginger is known primarily for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and revitalizing properties.

Anise Seed Tea.

With regard to its most important qualities and benefits, it is notable for its digestive and gastric virtues, acting as a carminative (ideal in reducing gas or flatulence), and as a stomach (good digestive, useful in case of heavy digestion or Difficult).

It is also a diuretic and stimulating plant, in such a way that it helps to purify our organism, eliminating toxins and avoiding the retention of liquids.

Peppermint Tea.

Peppermint tea is considered a carminative, which means it helps to move the gas that accumulates in your body.

It also stimulates the flow of bile to increase the speed and efficiency of digestion and promote healthy bowel movements.

Jamaican Tea.

Hibiscus or Jamaican tea helps digestion because it has diuretic properties that increase urine and normalize intestinal movements.

It is also useful for curing constipation and indigestion and for improving the overall health of the gastrointestinal system.

Final Thoughts.

As you just noticed, there are several herbal teas for inflammation that help us to calm the uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion and bloating.

Prepare the one that calls your attention and checks for yourself its properties.

However, if the symptoms become recurrent, without an apparent reason, consult the Doctor.

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5 Replies to “7 best herbal teas for inflammation and indigestion.”

  1. I can see that we have here some great teas. Bloating is very often problem today especially when we don’t have regular exercise and proper nutrition. I must say that I use green tea very often and it is not strange that it is called a king of all teas. My mom often suffer from bloating but she don’t like green tea odor. I will tell her about ginger tea, I think that she will like it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Daniel. I agree with you regarding Green tea is one of my favorites, for your mom Ginger is a good choice but do not disregard the flavor and smell of Peppermint tea. It is worth a try.

    2. Hi Javier, very interesting the variety of teas for indigestion and bloating. Now, I suffer of bloating or indigestion but do not have abdominal pain at all. Which tea should suit me better?

      1. Hi Carmen.
        I am glad you like the post! Regarding your question I personally prefer Jamaican tea since the relief is quite fast but also flavor-wise, but don’t overlook Peppermint and Green tea those are my favorites for bloating and indigestion. I hope you find the right one for you among any of the teas in my list.


  2. Acertados comentarios sobre el efecto del té en el embarazo, siempre pensé que era bueno para toda ocasión, como siempre es interesante seguir tu pagina, excelente trabajo

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