8 Amazing Green Tea to lose weight like crazy.

8 Amazing Green Tea to lose weight like crazy.
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Tea Infusions are generally accepted in the usual diet and they are one of the most recognized for their healthy properties.

Green tea in particular and we tell you all about this drink that can help you lose weight.

Since Chinese medicine green tea is considered a healthy drink highly recommended to care for and protect the body, because among its properties stand out its antioxidant power, because it contains a high concentration of catechins and polyphenols, in proportions even higher than black tea or Oolong tea.

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8 Amazing Green Tea to lose weight like crazy.


Matcha Tea.

Promotes fat metabolism and elimination very efficiently. Green Teas lose weight pic.

Recent studies have shown that matcha increases your body’s energy consumption significantly, so taking matcha on a regular basis transforms you into a calorie-burning factory.

Pu-erh Tea.

It has been observed that Pu-erh tea accelerates the metabolism of the liver, which is responsible for eliminating fats and therefore helps those who want to lose weight.

Sencha Tea.

Thanks to its diuretic power, green tea helps us lose weight.

It combines a lot with red tea to benefit from both drinks when it comes to improving metabolism combustion.

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Lavender Tea.

Lavender is well known for its digestive health benefits, for example, where it works by improving the digestive process, eliminating toxins and substances that are not good for our body and reducing problems such as constipation and swelling due to fluid retention.

Rosemary Tea.

It is a plant with the ability to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, improves circulation and the overall state of the body.

Apparently, all this in addition to its high level of potassium and anti-inflammatory action are elements that make it suitable for people who want to lose weight, and quite efficient according to studies carried out in this regard.

Ginger Tea.green tea lose weight

Ginger is a root that helps to lose weight because it has properties that help detoxify the body, improving the functioning of the intestine, which helps to speed up metabolism and combat fluid retention.

According to published studies, ginger causes a thermogenic effect that burns fat and removes saturated fat, especially that of the abdomen.

Sarsaparilla Root Tea.

This natural herb can be said to be a great “weight loss tool”, its function is specifically focused on removing unwanted liquids in the body, which is largely what affects people’s weight.

Maca Tea.Green-Teas-to-lose-weight

Maca is a natural stimulant that speeds up metabolism by making your body burn more calories and thus helps you lose weight.

It has zinc and manganese which are two minerals that help improve metabolism in our internal organs making fat burning to get energy more efficient.Field to Cup - Tea Subscription

How to brew Green Tea.


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Final Thoughts.

The most suitable time to drink your cup of green tea is 20 minutes before or after your meals.

If you want to lose weight, for example, you’ll need to take it 20 minutes after your meal.

You can also start the day by drinking this fasting infusion, this will help you detox.


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