Assam Indian Black Tea.

Assam Black Tea

Assam Indian Black Tea.

Within the varieties of black tea, Assam tea is one of the most outstanding.

It is a tea that is characterized by its balance, its good body and its ominous flavor with sweet tones.

Assam tea is a black tea named after the region of its production.

It is manufactured specifically from the Camellia sinensis plant and is recognized for its body, vivacity, strong malt flavor and bright color.

The tea produced in Assam and blends containing Assam tea is often sold as breakfast teas, due to their strong taste.

In fact, it is the tea that is used to serving at the Irish breakfast.

Assam’s tea belongs to the variety known as “tip tea”.

And that tip it has is golden, which favors the infusion has very tasty characteristics and a strong concentration of aromas and tastes.

Predominantly malted dyes, softness on the palate and natural sweetness, due to its golden tip.

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Benefits of Assam Black Tea. 

Contains large amounts of antioxidants.

Assam tea contains several unique plant compounds, such as sordlavins, tearubiines, and catechins, which function as antioxidants in the body and may play a role in disease prevention.

Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

according to a study analyzing the qualities of Assam’s tea, regular consumption of two to four cups of this tea a day would significantly reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

 Assam Tea

Helps improve brain health.

Early research on black tea and brain health indicates that certain compounds in this drink, such as sordlavins, can be used as a treatment or preventive therapy for degenerative brain diseases.

 Prevent plaque build up inside your arteries.

Reduce the risk of Arteries hardening. Flavonoids in tea improve the inner lining function of blood vessels, heart valves, and other body cavities.

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Brewing Suggestions.

For a proper cup of tea …

  • Recommended temperature: 200° – 205°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy.


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