Health Benefits of Chai Tea.

Chai tea benefits pic Health Benefits of Chai Tea.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with that aroma of the preparation of a chai tea.

Which gives us all enough energy to face the day of work or school.

It is also a delight to enjoy this tea in the afternoon after an arduous day and feel with each sip that unique variety of flavors that can only give us this infusion.

The truth is that drinking chai tea makes any moment pleasant and in large part, it is because of the multiplicity of ingredients that gives it a unique and unrepeatable flavor.

 Chai tea … Indian Delight.

Chai means “tea” in much of South Asia and other parts of the world.

In the West, the word Chai is used to refer to the “Masala chai”, a drink typical of the Indian subcontinent.

Masala, as it is called in India, is the blend of black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper, cayenne, and nutmeg.

Although the ingredients can vary quite a bit, the taste is always intense, fresh and somewhat spicy.

This tea is considered to purify and intone of the nervous system, in addition to the reconstructor of the liver.

Kashmir’s version of chai is made with green tea instead of black tea and has a more subtle effect.

In Bhopal, a pinch of salt is added.

Other possible ingredients include saffron, anise, paprika, almonds, rose petals or licorice root.

Tea has grown wildly in the Assam region since ancient times and has historically been used for healing purposes.

Its mass cultivation was promoted by England in the 19th century but tea consumption in India was low until the 20th century.


Chai tea is composed of various elements, the basics are black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper, and nutmeg, then, depending on the place and who prepare it can be added other elements.

Mix a brew of chai with a bit of milk or creamer, as well as a little sweetener, to experience its characteristic taste and flavor.

There are two versions of chai tea, the traditional version, and the West Indian version apart from the gourmet versions of Chai:

The traditional version of masala chai carries cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cardamom, cloves and pepper, and black tea.

The other version is without anise or black pepper. It is made with green tea instead of black tea and is made with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and almonds.

Does chai tea have caffeine?

Masala tea is usually made in a teapot. Chai has caffeine, both the first version and the second.

If you bring black tea you will have between 25 and 100 mg of theine per cup.

If you bring green tea you will have low levels of theine, approximately 0.1 mg, but usually, a cup of green tea contains between 8 and 16 mg of theine.

This tea is an excellent drink to pair with a meal, and an amazing beverage to serve to guests.

The Amazing health benefits of Chai tea.

Chai Tea is a powerful stimulant, at par with coffee, but with more benefits and fewer side effects than this beverage.

It is for this reason that many people have decided to change from coffee to Chai tea.

Our varied and allow us to enjoy at the same time the exquisite flavor and aroma of this tea, ideal to drink in cold days.

Try it if you have breathing problems, cardiovascular diseases or digestive problems, you will see how your health improves considerably.

Among other things, these herbs help to stimulate, balance and support digestion.

Soothe stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, stimulate digestion and eliminates flatulence, largely because of its high fiber content, something rare in teas and is due to the presence of fennel.

Clove, on the other hand, can help all those people who have stomach ulcers to alleviate the symptoms.

More Benefits 0f Chai tea.

If we want to lose weight, there is nothing better than chai tea, as the blackBenefits of Chai tea. pepper included in it helps to metabolize fats, preventing their accumulation.

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It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic power, ideal for people suffering from arthritis.

It also prevents cardiovascular disease due to its antioxidant properties, helping to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Chai tea also improves circulation and immune system, protecting of viruses and bacteria.

Some herbs that have Chai tea help symptoms of congestion and flu, mild asthma, respiratory allergies and relieves a sore throat.

 Side effects.

Do not abuse this tea, as it contains caffeine in more than coffee and may cause dizziness, nausea, restlessness, insomnia, and increased blood pressure.

Nursing mothers and pregnant women should not take it, as some herbs it usually contains may be harmful.

Taking too much of this beverage can cause iron deficiency.

How to make it.

The simplest traditional method of preparation is to boil a mixture of milk and water with tea leaves, sugar or other sweetener and whole spices.

It is traditionally served from a certain height in a cup so that it allows us to capture all the essence and aroma of this drink.


For 4 people

Spice mix

10 white peppercorns.
8 grains of cardamom.
1 cinnamon stick.
1 teaspoon ground ginger.
1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg.

For tea

50 cl of water.
30 cl skimmed milk.
1 tablespoon sugar.
1 tablespoon black tea or two individual sachets.

In the West, you can find different chai blends in specialized tea shops.

There are also concentrated chai liquids that should only be diluted with milk or water, are also marketed dry powder or granules to prepare similarly to instant coffee, and packaged in tea bags.

It is in all cases a rich and particular drink but not as intense and delicate as traditional homemade preparations.

Some coffee shops have started serving a chai latte version with steamed milk prepared as an espresso and a new trend includes a similar spice blend for coffee.


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