Health Benefits of Herbal Bark Teas.

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The benefits of herbal use of rough bark shards in teas originate from ancient, nearly forgotten medicinal tisanes that were used by some of the world’s earliest herbalists.

Prepare from crunch bark, these herbal teas have been unknown outside the herbal world until recently, but today, they are available for anyone to enjoy all the benefits herbal bark teas have to offer.

 Benefits of Herbal Bark Tea.

Cat’s Claw Tea.

Cat’s claw is a potent inhibitor of tumor necrosis production.

It is also believed to eliminate viruses and bacteria that cause common illnesses.

On the other hand, the glycosides present in the cat’s claw have anti-inflammatory properties.

Its components bring relief for arthritis, gout and other related problems.

It is believed that the alkaloids present in this herb are of great benefit to the memory.

Cat’s claw strengthens and supports intestinal and immune systems.

Organic Wild Cherry Bark Tea.

The bark of wild cherry is classified as a relaxing expectorant because it dilutes the mucous secretions and the layers that irritate the respiratory tissue, it is easier for the fine hairs of the airways, called cilia, to move the secretions thinner of the lungs.

Organic White Oak Tea.

Can be used to decrease an inflammation helps to stop diarrhea, for problems of urinary incontinence, to treat gastritis, intestinal hemorrhages, fistulas, stomatitis, hemorrhoids, vulvitis, varicose ulcers in the legs.

Pau d’Arco tea is highly appreciated in particular due to its mild flavor with a vanilla note, and it also helps the body during fasting time and weight loss.

Tea from the bark of lapacho trees to fight against bacteria and viruses in influenza infections and at the same time reinforce individual immune defenses.

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