Best tea for iced tea.

Iced Tea picBest tea for Iced tea.

We are becoming more and more clear that healthy has to go hand in hand with the pleasurable.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to hydrate, especially in summer, with refreshing, tasty and healthy drinks. Homemade iced tea can do all those functions.

Why homemade? Because industrial tea drinks bottled or canned usually contain a lot of sugar and little tea.

One of the negative effects of the sweet is that soon we get more thirsty again.

This has a scientific explanation, the amount of water molecules your body requires to metabolize sugar is very high, so much so that sometimes sugary industrial drinks dehydrate.

This is because they contain more sugar than the water needed to metabolize it.

Supermarkets offer ready-to-mix tea drinks and powders with water, the taste of these products is far from a natural tea and the chemicals they carry to make you rethink whether you really should drink those so-called teas.

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Tea can be prepared in a thousand ways, gives you the possibility to discover unthinkable flavors, mixing fruit juices, herbs, and spices, with hints of citrus or sweets, there is always a recipe up its sleeve for any occasion.

We invite you to adopt a healthy yet refreshing habit.

If you haven’t already had a good cold tea, when you try it, you will notice that it is the drink of summer and the one that calms the best teas pic

What’s the best-iced tea?

Of all the recipes and ways of making cold tea, the most accepted and popular is green tea with lemon.

Infuse in the same way as when taken hot, 70-80o C for 1-4 minutes depending on the type of green tea.

Generally, Chinese green teas should infuse longer than the Japanese.

As we have said before, you should use more tea.

Pour the infusion into a glass and, if necessary, add sweetener to taste.

Add ice generously, as it will melt quickly on contact with hot water.

Squeeze a drop and/or put a slice of lemon over the cold tea.

Although to prepare liters of tea, it is advisable to do it directly in cold.

This method is best for replacing soft drinks with cold tea, represents significant economic savings and numerous health benefits.

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Best teas for iced tea.


– Bag of green tea or mint tea
– Honey (avoid refined sugar)
– Water
– Fresh mint leaves
– Lemon or lemon juice
– Ice
– Ginger (optional)


Boil the water in a saucepan.

When you’re ready, add lemon peels or juice, fresh mint leaves, and ready-made tea, if you want you can also add grated ginger to taste.

It is heated over low heat for 2 minutes, to impregnate the flavors and to be aromatic.

It is then sweetened to taste and left to cool. To finish, add ice and a slice of lemon.


Mint tea
– Fresh mint leaves (optional)
– Cucumber slices
– Water
– Ice
– Honey (avoid refined sugar)


Prepare the mint tea, when warm, put the cucumber slices and stevia or honey.

After resting and being cold, it sneaks in and is ready to serve.

You can add fresh mint leaves to your glass.


– Honey
– Lemon Juice
– Melon Juice
Green tea bags
– Water
– Ice


Green tea is prepared, then honey is dissolved in freshly prepared green tea, lemon juice is added, then melon juice is added and left to rest.

Already cold is served and added ice to taste, you can also add lemon shells or a slice.


– Bags of white tea or green tea
– Blackberries or juice
– Orange or juice
– Seedless grapefruit
– Lemon juice
– Fresh mint leaves
– Honey (avoid refined sugar)
– Water
– Ice


Put the seeds without seeds and well peeled in the blender, then strain.

White or green tea is prepared and mixed with freshly made juice, left to chill to serve with ice and a touch of fresh mint leaves.


– Lavender sprigs
Green tea bags
– Ice
– Water
– Honey (avoid refined sugar)


Let the lavender sprigs rest in warm water when it takes the aroma and flavor, it is mixed with the green tea already prepared in hot water, let it rest and then put the ice and serve.

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