Best Teas for Kidney Stones.


Best teas for Kidney teas for kidney stones

The formation of kidney stones can have several causes, such as a family trend, inadequate eating habits among others, that facilitate the formation of grit or real stones.

These are made up of 80% oxalate and calcium phosphate, 12% struvite (infection residue), and 8% uric acid.

Nature gives you options to help your body eliminate kidney stones as well as prevent their formation if you’re prone to kidney stones.

How Kidney Stones are formed?

When inside the kidney a solid mass composed of phosphate salts and calcium carbonate, substances from urine, forms.

This stone in the kidney may remain at the place of origin throughout treatment, but it can also break off and go down through the urinary tract.

A process that is very painful for the patient, especially if the stone gets trapped in one of the ureters, bladder or urethra, although it does not cause any permanent damage.


Symptoms are severe pain when urinating, under the ribs and in the lower abdomen, nausea, and vomiting, cloudy or reddish urine, fever, chills, and urination in small amounts.

Although it is recommended to visit the doctor immediately, there are also some home remedies capable of reducing the severity of symptoms.

How to prevent Kidney Stones to be formed?

The risk of formation and growth of stones decreases considerably if the amount of fluid ingested by the patient is increased.

Excluding from the diet all foods and drinks that are not healthy; such as processed foods, frying, candy, carbonated beverages.

Reducing or eliminating foods that are high in phosphorus or calcium, as these substances promote the formation of kidney stones.

Taking more water and drinks based on natural ingredients; such as the infusion of horsetail, dandelion, parsley, among others.

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Best Teas for Kidney Stones.

Horsetail Tea.      best teas for kidney stone pic

Horsetail is a plant that is used, for kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urine (incontinence) and for general disorders of kidneys and bladder

Drinking 2 or 3 cups of infusion a day increases urine production and helps expel stones.

Uva Ursi Tea.

The Ursi grape, also called Bearberry is a cold climate plant is a plant with beneficial properties in cases of urinary tract infection because it has flavonoids that metabolize the organism, exerting its main activity in the kidneys.

Some signs of kidney malfunction can be overweight, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, the use of many medications, among others.

Dandelion Tea.

Dandelion is an excellent diuretic.

When you take their infusion you are helping your kidneys improve their functions and stimulate urine flow.

Those with fluid retention, kidney stones, edema, lymphatic inflammations, and bladder infections benefit from vitamin A and potassium.

It can even be used to prevent kidney stones and salt intolerance diseases.

Parsley Tea.

Its effect on health and especially for the kidneys make it a therapeutic plant.

The diuretic properties ensure that waste, toxins and uric acid are not allowed to build up within the kidneys, reducing the risk of kidney stone or kidney damage.

Nettle Tea.

Nettle is a natural diuretic used since medieval times, favors the elimination of excess fluids in the body.

The properties of nettle make it taken in infusion, help us prevent the formation of kidney stones and dissolve any existing ones.

Burdock Tea.

It has inulin, phytosterol, and phenolic acids, among other compounds.

Its composition gives it properties such as antiseptic, alkalinizing, diuretic, depurative, and anti-inflammatory.

Teatulia Organic Tea

Word of Advice.

The use of medicinal plants should be avoided in case of pregnancy or lactation, and in people with renal impairment.

How to brew a perfect cup of Tea.

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