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We strive to be deeply respectful of people within and outside our business and the communities in which they live.

We support sustainable and safe methods of tea production that reduce environmental degradation, maintain the productivity of the land over time, and support the economic viability of family plantations and rural communities.

Customer service – genuine customer service – is one of our fundamental values.

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Frequently Asked Question!

Do you ship internationally outside the USA?
We now ship our products internationally.

Select your country when checking out, and our website will calculate the shipping price.
For most countries, the shipping price is a $29.99 flat rate per order. This means that the more you order at once, the better deal for you.
Unfortunately, our free shipping promotion does not apply to international orders.

The item will be shipped using USPS International Priority Shipping with Tracking, and shipping usually takes between 6-10 days to get to most of the country.

We have other alternatives to save you on shipping if you live outside the USA, Canada, or India.  Please contact us from this link if you are outside the USA or Canada

Can I send the package as a gift to someone?
Yes, you can specify the shipping address separately from the billing address so that you can send it to your friends easily. We do not include the receipt of shipment in general.

Is the subscription price I am seeing only for the first order?
No. The price you see on the site is not only for the first order but also for the subscription’s subsequent order. The price will not change as long as you are subscribed.