Gunpowder Tea (Zhu Cha)


Gunpowder Tea picGunpowder Tea (Zhu Cha) is a well-known Chinese green tea from Zheijiang Province.

The production of Zhu Cha dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

The leaves of Gunpowder Tea (Zhu Cha) are vaporized, rolled tightly into small balls and dried.

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This process allows the leaves to maintain their delicious taste and tempting aroma.

The Chinese name for Gunpowder Tea is Zhu Cha, which means Pearl Tea, due to its appearance similar to bright grey pearls

The tea leaves were manually rolled up after a pre-drying and then left to dry with that shape.

To this day most of this tea is usually laminated and rolled with machines and only the highest grades are still made by hand.

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The main production centers where the best-known varieties of gunpowder tea are located come from China (Pingshui Gunpowder), Taiwan (Formosa Gunpowder) and Sri Lanka (Ceilan Gunpowder).

There are also several types of green teas that are usually rolled in “gunpowder”, including Chunmee, Tieguanyin, Guanyin Huang, and Ding Dong, as well as oolong and some high-end jasmine teas.

Taste, Aroma, and Flavor.

The taste of Gunpowder Tea is often described as thick and strong, similar to mild honey, but with a slightly smoky aroma.

Fried-bean aroma with a hint of caramel.

Its flavor may have some herbal, menthol or even spicy.

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Health Benefits of Gunpowder Tea (Zhu Cha).Gun Powder Tea Pic

Some of the health benefits of Gunpowder tea have been found due to the high amount of polyphenols it contains.

Polyphenols are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals by preventing damage to cells.

World’s Healthiest Foods cites a study that concluded that drinking green tea for at least one year on a regular basis drops blood pressure levels by up to 65%, compared to those who do not drink it, during the same period.

The group that benefited the most was the one that drank at least two and a half cups a day.

Green teas also contain fluoride, known for its power to prevent plaques that cause cavities.

Gunpowder tea has an astringent quality that can help with wound healing and bleeding control.

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How to brew Gunpowder Tea.

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