Herbal teas to drink while fasting.


Herbal teas to drink while fasting.fasting herbal teas

We have all wondered at some point whether or not you can have herbal tea while fasting and the answer depends.

It depends on what type of tea it is as well as the health circumstances in which we find ourselves.

However, there are some teas that are ideal to drink before breakfast, as their properties are perfect to give us a good dose of energy and start the day giving the best of us.

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What to consider before taking herbal tea while fasting.

herbal teas for fastingIt is important first of all to know what effects it has to take an infusion without having breakfast because it will be this that will help us determine whether it is right to take it or not.

When a person has heartburn problems in the stomach, in these cases it is best to avoid an infusion on an empty stomach, as this can make them feel more discomfort, since what their stomach actually needs is an intake of adequate foods that can protect your gastric mucosa.

The purifying and stimulating effect that is present in the properties of tea, is one of those responsible for this effect.

Likewise, it is also not correct to take an infusion at this first hour of the day and without having previously breakfast when you suffer from dizziness or nausea since the effect that this drink may have on our body will be the opposite of the one we seek.

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Herbal teas to drink while fasting.herbal teas for fasting.

Once we already know in which cases it is best not to drink tea without breakfast if you have discovered that this is not your situation and that you do not suffer any kind of similar problem that may be contradictory, then it is advisable to consider everything that an infusion can do for you while fasting, and one of those cases is especially Green tea thanks to its incredible properties.

While it is important to consider the best time of day to drink green tea, take it first thing in the morning and without having previously had breakfast, its antioxidants are better digested.

Teas that are frequently drunk while fasting for weight loss are Pu-erh tea and Green tea.

Pu-erh tea has a more energetic taste and effect and is better for winter, while Green tea is lighter and probably a tea-flavored more suited to the Western breakfast type.

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