How to make Bubble Tea.

how to make bubble tea picThe Bubble Tea is a  beverage that causes a furor already all over the world.

There is no cafeteria that boasts that it does not have it in its menu.

At first glance, it is very attractive.

Looks like a glass of milk with colored grains.

It is sweet and with fruity touches.

A fun way to cool off in the hot season.

 Bubble Tea is something exotic: a drink for young people wanting to try new culinary experiences.

The beverage has its origin in  Taiwan, where already in the 80s it became a bombshell.

It spread rapidly throughout the Asian continent, and with emigration ended up arriving in the 90s to the U.S. and Canada where it was also quickly popularized.

The bubble tea or pearl tea is characterized by being a mix between a fruit shake and iced tea that carries a series of balls which are absorbed with a straw thicker than normal.

You can take Bubble tea based on milk, Yogurt, red tea, green tea or black tea, always combined with fruit flavors or flavors such as candy or chocolate.

How to make Bubble Tea.


4 tea bags.

1 cup small tapioca pearls.





Prepare tea.

How to make Bubble tea pic.To start you have to prepare tea: you must immerse each tea bag in a cup of boiling water.

Then just leave the cups covered for at least 5 minutes.

You can use your favorite tea.

Tapioca Pearls.

Heat a casserole with 4 cups of water, when it begins to boil, add a cup of tapioca pearls.

Let them cook for 15 minutes stirring constantly until they are ready. They should be soft and gelatinous.

Then, remove the pan from the heat, cover and let the Pearls rest for 25 minutes.

Passed that time, drain and wash in cold water.


How to serve bubble tea.

Use tall, transparent glasses to see the Bubbles.

Add ice to each glass and pour one or two tablespoons of tapioca pearls per glass. Add honey to taste.

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