How to make tea British style.

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How to make tea British style.

Having tea with family and friends is a very important part of British culture.

The preparation of the typical British tea follows a ritual that the British know perfectly well.

Popular types of tea include Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, and English Breakfast.

The well-known tea hour, at five o’clock in the afternoon, is a custom for many in England.

When it comes to serving, use the right cup and add milk or sugar if your guests prefer it that way.

With globalization, when it comes to doing business, or perhaps because it is a snack that can be filled with formality, it is useful to learn certain details that demonstrate our education and favorably predispose us to the eyes of others.

Classic English breakfast.tea british style

For the classic English breakfast, we will choose a tea called “English Breakfast”, it is a very traditional blend (bled) with teas from Ceylon, Assam, and Kenya, it is intense and strong black tea and very popular throughout the UK since the Victorian era.

It perfectly supports the milk with which it combines perfectly.

Taking it sweetened is practically necessary as it is very intense and astringent flavor, it is great to put on the batteries and throw yourself into a life full of energy.

Another morning tea is the “Assam Tea”, it grows near the sea and that is noticeable in its flavor and bright color.

How to make tea British style,

When serving tea, fill the teapot (or heater) with cold tea british stylewater, while boiling pour some hot water between the kettle to heat it a little.

Serve between the teapot a teaspoon of loose tea for each cup and one more for the teapot, or one bag per cup.

When the water has boiled, fill the kettle, cover it, and let the tea rest for three to five minutes and pour between the cups before serving.

Have more boiling water ready in case someone wants the lighter tea or wants to repeat.

Fun Facts.

Never hold the cup with your little finger stretched.

This custom is incorrect, although it may seem to us to be polite (not so).

The cup is picked up by the handle and with the fingertips of the thumb, forefinger, and heart, and the rest of the fingers collected.



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