Properties and Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea.

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Darjeeling tea is a variety of black tea that is booming in coffee or tea-sharing sites or in the naturist stores or specialized in the sale of teas.

You don’t know what their properties, characteristics, and benefits can bring to our organism

It is a blend of tea traditionally grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India.

This popular black tea variant is made with Camellia sinensis var and is known for its delightful fragrance, golden color, and rich flavor, and is enjoyed by many cultures around the world.

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Darjeeling Tea.

Although is classified as BlackTea, Darjeeling white, Oolong, and Green Tea varieties have become more popular in recent years.

These different types are produced by allowing the tea leaves to rust at different levels.

There is caffeine in this tea, which provides some of its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea.

Full of benefits and properties both curative and preventive.

Weight loss.garjeeling tea pic

Because of its caffeine composition.

This chemical can stimulate the metabolism, which will increase fat burning and calories, which helps you if you are trying to lose weight.


Darjeeling tea regularly consumed becomes an excellent natural choice when it comes to preventing cancer, thanks to its contribution to natural antioxidants.

For concentration problems.

It will help you if you have problems of memory or concentration and you find yourself studying or doing tasks that demand a lot of mental acuities because it produces effects on the concentration.

Good for your Heart.

Although excess caffeine can be dangerous to the heart, the antioxidants found in this tea can also help protect the integrity of the blood vessels and arteries of the cardiovascular system, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

Dental health.

The antibacterial and immunostimulant properties of this tea can remove bacteria and fungi in the mouth that can cause caries, as well as the infection that causes bad breath or halitosis.

Side effects.

Like all black teas, Darjeeling tea, when consumed in high amounts, can cause alterations in blood pressure, due to its stimulating properties, which makes you can suffer from cardiovascular disease, but also its non-moderate use It may cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Brewing Suggestions.

For a proper cup of tea …

  • Recommended temperature: 200° – 205°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!


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