Skin benefits of herbal tea.

skin benefits of herbal teasNo one escapes that one of the best allies we can find within the cosmetics is in the natural environment, and more specifically in the properties of plants.

There are also benefits of herbal teas that can promote healthy skin.

Some work internally, while others work better as an herbal rinse.

There are many cosmetic laboratories that focus increasingly on studying and checking the effectiveness of the natural skin and is that by very innovators who pretend to be, end up resorting to the oldest and millenary as are the properties of plants, which were already used in the form of masks and ointments in ancient Egypt.

Did you know that the dermis acts as a great protective barrier of the body to the attacks of the environment? That’s why having healthy skin goes beyond aesthetics.

You can increase the number of skin defenses and help the aggressions of the environment not be so hard and dangerous.

Beyond that there are people who have the skin more sensitive than others, it is necessary that we all take care to avoid irritations, inflammations, and infections, among other discharges.

When it comes to caring for the skin, there is nothing better than a natural alternative.

There are a lot of Skin Benefits of Herbal Tea that will help you keep it healthy and look younger.

Teatulia Organic Tea

Skin benefits of herbal tea.

Rosemary Tea.

Rosemary flowers can reduce wrinkles, even existing ones.

Lavender Tea.

Promotes cell regeneration. It can be used for a tub bath because it helps to relax.

Can be used in dermatosis, acne, benign skin infections and wounds; It is bactericidal, antiseptic and cicatrizant. It is one of the most used herbs in cosmetics.

Rose Tea.
It cleans the pores thoroughly, promotes blood circulation, invigorates and tones the skin.

Whether in essential oil, in petals or rose water, it helps to treat wrinkles, to reignite sensitive skin, to combat excessive dryness and to rejuvenate. It has abundant tannins with astringent action.

Green Tea.

it is anti-inflammatory and has anti-irritant properties. Recently it began to be used in cosmetics (green has more antioxidants than common black tea).

The raw tea consumed in India has even more antioxidants and is an excellent astringent for the skin.

Chamomile Flower Tea.

It is a natural soother that helps to relieve inflammations, softens the skin and promotes cell regeneration; It also has a lightening, soothing and cleaner effect.

You can use pure chamomile tea as a facial tonic, and as a compress in the eyes for inflammation and conjunctivitis.

Each type of skin favors more certain herbs. Find out what’s yours!

Dry skin: Lavender, chamomile, geranium, rose, jasmine, and parsley.

Normal skin: Lavender, rosemary, orange, mint, chamomile, geranium and rose.

Skin with Acne: Eucalyptus, Tea tree, lemon, cypress, junípero, and thyme.

Oily skin: rosemary, lemon, marjoram, eucalyptus, mint, and basil.

How to do it?
Put water to boil in a container. Once it reaches its boiling point add the herbs

and let stand for 10 minutes.
Allow the mixture to cool off and, with the help of a cotton ball, apply gently to the affected area of the skin.

It is essential that in addition to using infusions of plants, you also add to your routine soft hygiene products with neutral pH, without chemical components of perfumes too strong.

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