4 Delicious Iced Tea for the Summer Time.

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Summer is synonymous with cold and refreshing drinks, those that can quench the thirst but even more, if it is iced tea, as apart from refreshing and delight with a variety of flavors, is already proven to be beneficial to our health, this has fewer calories, is much more moisturizing and possesses a large number of active ingredients that can do wonders in the human body. Continue reading “4 Delicious Iced Tea for the Summer Time.”

Rose Tea Health Benefits.

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Rose tea is an infusion that has become very recently fashionable, even though it has been taking place in Asian countries for centuries.

Few of them knew that roses, besides being a flower with an intoxicating perfume, could be used to take their petals in a cup of tea.

A hot drink that will delight tea lovers with countless benefits.

We present this simple recipe so deeply rooted in the oriental culture, and that without doubt, it would be advisable to adopt in a habitual way in our diet. Continue reading “Rose Tea Health Benefits.”

How to make Cheese Tea.


This is a picture of Cheese tea.Imagine what the Brits thought about it when they heard of cheese tea for the first time?

Let’s talk about the new trend: cheese tea!

An infusion topped by a thick layer of cream cheese that is sweeping in Asia and it is becoming hip all over the world.

Why they mix tea with cheese has a very simple explanation.

The tea alone has a slightly bitter taste, and adding a good deal of cheese foam makes it not so bitter.

Continue reading “How to make Cheese Tea.”

5 Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes.

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Iced tea cocktails are always a good idea to freshen up in summer.

Healthy, nutritious and wonderful, although it seems impossible, we assure you that it can be improved.

Some people consider taking tea like a true ritual, as in the case of the Chinese, or as a habit, as is the case with the English.

There are also people who think that drinking tea can be a bit boring, but how about an Ice tea Cocktail? Continue reading “5 Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes.”

How many types of Green Tea are there?


If you are a beginner in the pleasure of tasting teas, you may have begun to incorporate several types of green tea into your daily life.

For something is the most consumed in the world.

It is not that green tea is “better” than other types of tea, is that each has its own qualities.

But a good green tea is characterized by being sweet and fresh as a glass of good white wine. Continue reading “How many types of Green Tea are there?”

5 Herbal teas for temporary constipation.

Constipation is something that we all have suffered sometime in our life. The benefits of tea for constipation, Adjust the functioning of the gastrointestinal activity; Prevent and relieve abdominal pain, intestinal swelling, and flatulence.

If you suffer from temporary constipation, moderate consumption of a few cups of tea (two days to a week) should allow your intestinal transit to return to normal. Continue reading “5 Herbal teas for temporary constipation.”

Fenugreek Seed Tea to enhance your bust and buttocks.

What are fenugreek seeds?

If you think that your bust and buttocks need help to find again shape and volume, today we bring you a home remedy that is giving much to talk about, it is fenugreek seed tea to enhance the bust and buttocks.

Is a Mediterranean plant that is used thousands of years ago for many medicinal purposes because they have many properties. Continue reading “Fenugreek Seed Tea to enhance your bust and buttocks.”

5 Best Herbal Teas for Respiratory Function.


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5 Best Herbal Teas for Respiratory Function.

Although it is necessary to say that breathing is vital, sometimes it seems that we forget how important it is to have good hygiene of the respiratory system and to promote conscious breathing by good oxygenation.

The most common disorders are an asthmatic allergy or seasonal rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, flu, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis, bronchitis, cold or a cough. Continue reading “5 Best Herbal Teas for Respiratory Function.”

Best herbal teas for Kidney Support.

The kidneys are organs that work tirelessly, but they are also one of the organs that we least pay attention to.

We remember that we should take care of them when they are hurting us or are having a problem.

For that reason, we bring in this article some of the best herbal teas for Kidney Support, that will help you to clean them in a natural and easy way, eliminating all the toxins that you have accumulated with the passage of the time.

If many knew the work that the kidneys do to keep us healthy, believe me, we will pay more attention to them. Continue reading “Best herbal teas for Kidney Support.”

5 Best teas for Metabolic Function.

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When we decided to start a slimming diet, we always think about the use of products that help us lose weight faster.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that for many supplements or products that we take to lose weight, they will not serve us anything if we do not maintain a balanced diet.

Many infusions and teas will reduce anxiety, soothe appetite and have a satiating effect.

That’s why they’re our best allies when it comes to losing those extra pounds!

Continue reading “5 Best teas for Metabolic Function.”

Best herbal teas for bone and joint support.

Best herbal teas for bone and joint support pic                                        Best herbal teas for bone and joint support.

The locomotive apparatus is in charge of facilitating something as important as the movement of the human body.

Formed by the bones, muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments, all these structures give us support and facilitate that we can carry out the activities of the day today.

But little by little, the cases of disorders and problems of bones and joints are often derived from poor diet, lack of physical exercise or excess of the same, toxic habits (alcohol, tobacco, excess of drugs), overweight, bad postures or even lack of solar exposure.

Continue reading “Best herbal teas for bone and joint support.”

8 best medicinal herbal teas.


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8 best medicinal herbal teas.

Since, ancient times when medical knowledge about how our bodies work were very limited compared to today, different peoples used different remedies to alleviate the discomfort, pain or symptoms of some diseases.

Different plants considered medicinal have continued to be used since then, even today.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind what effects they have on the body and how to use them, as well as the fact that their healing potential is limited.

Throughout this post, we are going to show you some of the medicinal plants that exist and some of their properties.

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