Fenugreek Seed Tea to enhance your bust and buttocks.

What are fenugreek seeds?

If you think that your bust and buttocks need help to find again shape and volume, today we bring you a home remedy that is giving much to talk about, it is fenugreek seed tea to enhance the bust and buttocks.

Is a Mediterranean plant that is used thousands of years ago for many medicinal purposes because they have many properties.

It is also considered an ally in the natural beauty tricks women use to obtain its aesthetic benefits of Fenugreek Seed Tea to enhance your bust and buttocks.

 How do fenugreek seeds work?

These seeds help to increase the volume of the curves of the woman thanks to having a component very similar to the hormone estrogen.

This “plant hormone” by calling it in some way acts much like estrogen (female hormones) which makes the woman notice an increase in her breasts and buttocks after one month of her intake.


How long can you see the results?

In order to see physical changes, you will have to be consistent with its use and wait more or less 1 month or 1/2 to see results.

You have to be sure before doing this natural treatment to increase your curves, especially because the fenugreek seed tea can make you increase up to 2 sizes of bra and these do not lose the size gained when you stop taking the seeds.

How to use fenugreek seeds to enhance the breast and buttocks.

There are several ways to use these seeds. But the best known is its infusion, then we teach you to prepare it.


2 tablespoons whole and clean seeds of fenugreek.
1 cup of water.

How to do:

Heat the water until it reaches boiling point.

Once it starts boiling pour in the seeds of fenugreek.

Let the seeds release their properties as it cools for about 10 minutes.

Unsweetened strain and drink.



There is a benefit of fenugreek for women who have converted this medicinal herb is a very popular alternative, especially for its effects on breast growth.

Thanks to its estrogenic saponin content, ingested frequently stimulates breast growth due to estrogen’s contribution to our body.

Of course, these benefits are part of the popular tradition and do not have scientific bases.

Is important to ingest this plant in moderation and add it to other practices to increase the chest without surgery if you want to observe results.

For this purpose, 3 grams of fenugreek per day can be consumed.

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