Yerba Mate Tea ….a South American Delight

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The Yerba Mate is a beverage from South America, very popular in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

The consumption of mate goes back to the Guarani people (native Indians who were in some countries of South America).

The “Gauchos” (a Kind of Argentinean cowboy) adopted the Yerba Mate as part of their culture, as well as riding and wearing leather clothing.

They took mate in a group, for breakfast, for lunch, dinner, and before bedtime.

Yerba Mate is cultivated in Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, where the conditions of land, temperature, and humidity are ideal.

Like those gauchos of yesteryear, the mate is part of the daily life of an average Argentine.

It is consumed, not only for its properties as an infusion but for its role as a social bond.

Yerba Mate Tea Benefits.

Among the main benefits of consuming, mate can be noted that the Yerba Mate is energizing, diuretic, a stimulant of the nervous system, which helps to lose weight because the mateine that contains produces a slight increase in fat burning and metabolism,

It is also Bronchodilator, a mild laxative, and digestive.

In addition, Yerba Mate is a good contribution of vitamins and minerals important to the organism, has antioxidant properties that protect the body and vegetable proteins, so its consumption is recommended.

More Benefits.     yerba mate tea picture

Laxative effect.

Very useful in chronic or punctual constipation. At high doses, purgative is shown.


it contributes to protect the cardiovascular system and prevents arteriosclerosis, but in that case, a relatively high consumption should be made to notice its influence.

 A natural energizer.

Thanks to its percentage of caffeine (also known as “Mateine”), it increases stimulation and concentration as well as coffee; However, although both have relatively the same amount of caffeine, the stimulant effects are a little different.

Weight loss.

Yerba Mate is intended for adjuvant treatments to lose weight, in case of obesity or overweight.

It does not seem effective, however, to combat adiposity as cellulite or at least, there is no consensus at this point.

Prevents diseases.

This infusion has potent bioactive compounds for the prevention and control of certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus type 2 (by reducing glucose and lipids) cardiovascular and coronary diseases (by lowering the levels of cholesterol); Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (by preventing so-called “oxidative stress”) and osteoporosis.

Diuretic effect.

It stimulates urine emission, has a purifying and diuretic effect, and helps to prevent fluid retention and edema.

It is digestive.
Taking mate influences the stomach and digestive health by stimulating the production of bile and gastric acids, while favoring intestinal movement.

The properties of Yerba Mate to make it an excellent ally to relieve constipation, as long as it is combined with the consumption of 2 liters of liquid per day.

Appetite inhibitor.

It is attributed to a certain inhibitory effect of appetite, useful when we are going to follow treatments or diets to lose extra pounds.

Helps digestion.

It stimulates the secretion of bile and promotes the correct assimilation of nutrients in the digestion. It is indicated in slow and heavy digestion, in mild bile and hepatic alterations.

How to make Yerba Mate.

Steeping Instructions

Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
  • Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy.

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