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Welcome To My Tea Shack.

Hi, I’m Javier, the founder, and Director.

With many studies now showing that tea has tremendous health benefits, I wanted to share some of the varieties that have personally helped me.

For example, I use Chamomile for sleep and Lavender to reduce my anxiety. Tea is something I’ve always been passionate about and I can’t wait to share that passion with you.

From my humble beginning growing up in Venezuela and all of my travels as a Professional Tennis Coach around the world, I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to spend many years of research about the wholesome and holistic characteristics of many different types of tea across the globe.

Years ago, while I was residing in England, socializing and drinking tea with the townspeople had left me with an impactful insight into the local culture.

I’ve also had the opportunity to study the benefits and try the countless varieties of Chinese teas, which has left me with a stronger understanding of why tea is so ingrained in Chinese culture.

Our mission is to assist you with finding a tea that possesses the right mix of characteristics, ingredients, and flavor tailored to you.

The right tea can be just as beneficial to your life as some of the tasteless supplements on the market that can get ever so expensive.

At My Tea Shack, we make it our goal to provide the highest quality tea brands from around the world at an affordable price.

If you ever need advice on selection or have any questions in general, feel free to reach out below or call us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Phone +1 786 6281129

Email– ejweffer@myteashack.com

Join us and have a cup of PositiviTea!!

All the best,

Javier Weffer.

ITA. Certified Tea Course- Foundations of Chinese Tea.

ITA. Certified Tea Course-Ancient Chinese Science of Tea Blending and Wellness.