Pau d’ Arco tea health benefits.

Pau d’ Arco tea or Inkas tea is a very popular drink in countries such as Pau d'Arco teaParaguay, Brazil, and Argentina and is enjoyed today across the globe for its smooth, unique flavor, and is considered a therapeutic tea, as it offers various remarkable health benefits.

It can be prepared easier and faster and its applications are extremely individual and at the same time very versatile.

Pau d’ Arco contains several minerals, such as iron and magnesium, calcium, boron, potassium and traces of elements such as iodine and strontium, which are in the alkaloids of the bark or the substance lapachol, which is similar to vitamin K  and is particularly attractive because it does not contain theine or caffeine, so you can also enjoy optimally to relax at night.

Pau d’ Arco tea is highly appreciated in particular due to its mild taste with a vanilla note, in addition, it helps the body during fasting time and weight loss.

It is prepared with one or two tablespoons in about 1 liter of almost boiling water, then Pau d’ Arco tea is briefly boiled and should rest for at least 15 minutes, after rest the tea is filtered.


Flavor and Taste.

Pau d' Arco tea picTo achieve a soft vanilla note should always be careful so that pieces of bark do not remain in the tea, if the amount of is too abundant and/or pieces of bark remain in the tea, the taste may be a little bitter, but there are lovers of Pau d’ Arco that when the tea is a little bitter they are at ease with their taste, it all depends on the taste of each one, which for which should you experience a little


Pau d’Arco tea health benefits.

-Improves the quality of the immune system.

– Cleans the blood.

– Improves bone marrow activity.


– Decreases the intensity of cancer symptoms.

– Reduces the risk of diabetes.

– Cure bladder infections.

– Improves arthritis.

– Eliminates gastrointestinal problems.

– It improves the flu and its symptoms.

– Eliminate infections in general.

We have heard of pet owners who often use Pau d’ Arco to enrich a relaxing bath for their animals.


External applications such as envelopes are also very useful as it is produced by collecting from the inner bark of the tree “Red Pau d’ Arco” which is mainly found in Brazil and Argentina where it is home to harvest in natural conditions in the jungle, so it is not loaded with heavy metals or pesticides.

How to make Pau d’ Arco Tea.

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