Health Benefits of Japanese Green Teas.

Picture of Health Benefits of Japanese Green Teas.

To find the authentic tea tradition, we must know the properties and the tradition behind Japanese green tea.

Throughout the world, we find thousands of ways to drink tea, as well as thousands of different infusions.

As in most Western countries, it is normal to drink tea with a spoonful of sugar to reduce its bitter taste, in Japan that would be a no-no.

For example, among the Benefits of Japanese Green tea -so soft and sophisticated.

We find different types such as Sencha, Bancha, Tencha, Gyokuro, Matcha, etc., which are produced in the Shizuoka prefecture, the area where more of the tea is produced in this country.

The reasons why these teas have won the hearts not only of the Japanese but of the world.

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Sencha Tea.

It has diuretic properties helping to treat fluid retention, stimulating the metabolism and favoring the elimination of fats.

So it is recommended for slimming diets.

Because of their contribution to these antioxidant substances, it is a tea that helps to reduce the action of free radicals, by protecting our cells in a natural way.

That’s why it’s useful in preventing cancer.

Bancha Tea.

Due to its alkalizing properties, the green tea Bencha can provide interesting benefits to overcome fatigue.

Given its phosphorus content, it is good to favor concentration.

It is very helpful when you want to lose weight: having caffeine in its constitution and not provide calories at the time of consumption, make it a favorable drink for slimming.

Gyokuro Tea.

Is a good digestive and helps you to have better digestions after eating, which is beneficial because it allows you to go to the bathroom with some frequency and get a feeling of constant relief.

Gyokuro tea has high levels of chlorophyll, which can help prevent mouth infections and get fresh and healthy breath, so you can consume it as an assistant to your oral hygiene.

Matcha Tea.

The special thing about matcha tea is its large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and especially, antioxidants, which contributes to greater nutrient density thanks to the fact that the entire leaf is consumed.

As a natural drainer, it also contributes to purifying the organism and helps us to eliminate excess cholesterol and triglycerides and helps with fatty liver.

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