How to lose weight with herbal tea?

To take advantage of the properties that could help us lose weight with herbal tea. Today, we’ll talk about herbal tea that can be a perfect help when it comes to burning fat, controlling weight, and draining and toning your body.

Diet and physical exercise are the foundations of a weight loss plan.

Only if you reduce caloric intake and carry out a training plan that burns calories and fats and increases muscle mass will you be able to lose weight in a healthy and maintained way.

But you can also use medicinal herbs: infusions that help you control hunger, eliminate liquids or burn more fat.

Let’s discover its benefits!

Using plants for weight loss.

Phytotherapy is a complementary aid in cases of overweight that is very useful along with dietary-behavioral measures such as caloric restriction, modification of eating habits, and regular exercise practice.

Preparations based on medicinal plants for overweight have shown clinical efficacy, obtaining beneficial results in gradual and sustained weight loss.

Herbal tea can help us with weight loss by acting at different levels, depending on the needs of each patient. Thus, we find plants that act producing the following effects:

  • Appetite inhibition.
  • Decreased absorption and satiating plants.
  • Increased fluid elimination.
  • Inhibition of lipogenesis, that is, they help you burn fats.
  • Thermogenic effect. Increase energy expenditure
  • Depurative effect.

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How to lose weight with herbal tea?

Taking the herbal teas and infusions explained below can help you lose weight and take care of your health.

Horsetail tea.

Sure, this infusion sounds to you, and it is one of the most used when it comes to avoiding fluid retention.

Horsetail helps to lose weight, purifying the body and preventing the accumulation of toxins.

Yerba mate.

It is widely used to make infusions in South America and one of the healthy properties for which it stands out is that a lipolytic and satiating plant.

Its components, polyphenols, and xanthic bases favor lipolysis, or what is the same, the breakdown of food lipids into fatty acids during digestion.

They contain chemical caffeoyl acids that slow down gastric emptying, favoring the feeling of satiety.

Fennel tea.

Fennel infusions are great for people with digestive problems. They significantly reduce swelling and also have anti-inflammatory properties.

It can even be provided to children, due to its mild taste, when they have intestinal problems.

Green tea

It is one of the best and healthiest infusions to burn fat. Green tea is an infusion full of antioxidants and capable of activating our metabolism.

Thanks to this infusion, appetite and fat accumulation are considerably reduced.

It is even a very good infusion for the skin as it reduces the appearance of burns.

Chamomile tea.

Chamomile is one of the most consumed beverages due to its benefits.

In addition to helping you lose fat, chamomile is very relaxing.

It is also anti-inflammatory, helps strengthen hair, and is perfect for reducing conjunctivitis.

Rose tea.

Like green tea, rose tea is one of the most antioxidants. This will help us lose weight easily.

The advantage of rose tea is that we can take it at night, as it has no theine.

Ginger tea.

It is one of the best-known infusions to treat, along with lemon and honey, colds.

But also a ginger infusion has other properties, such as the reduction of abdominal fat.

Thanks to its properties, it helps reduce abdominal swelling thus avoiding fluid retention.

Black tea.

Black tea is one of the most widely used infusions in countries such as the United Kingdom.

This type of tea helps burn fat, especially that located in the abdomen.

In addition, it helps to activate the metabolism quickly. If we are not very coffee growers, this option is perfect.

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What is the best time to drink herbal tea?

Drinking tea around 3 pm in the afternoon is very beneficial to the human body, as it can enhance our immune system and prevent flu and colds.

This time is perhaps the most important time to drink tea throughout the day.

What are the side effects of weight loss herbal tea?

The belief that medicinal plants are a natural treatment and therefore have no side effects is wrong.

The active principles of plants have therapeutic effects just like drugs and therefore also have contraindications and side effects.

Some plants that are frequently used in weight loss may present contraindications to take into account such as some of those detailed below:

  • Plants with satiating or decreasing absorption effects should not be administered simultaneously with other medicines as they can alter their absorption and therefore modify their therapeutic effect.
  • Similarly, plants with an appetite-inhibiting effect usually interact with other drugs, so before starting a treatment the patient must indicate to his pharmacist what medications he takes.
  • Diabetic patients should not be treated with plants that block the formation of fat, as their blood glucose levels may be altered.
  • In the case of medicinal plants’ thermogenic activity, they are discouraged in patients with high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, or epilepsy.
  • Patients with anticoagulant treatments are not recommended to take plants with purifying effects, as they can interact with such drugs.

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which is best green tea for weight loss

Final thoughts.

Treatments based on medicinal plants for overweight must be individualized, and therefore the pharmacist must know the pathology of the patient

As well as his particular conditions, to determine if it is advisable to refer him to the doctor, or to be able to recommend an adequate phytorerapic treatment.

In this sense, it is important to take into account some aspects of the patient, before starting with the treatment of medicinal plants for obesity or overweight.

For example, it would be necessary to know if you have a family history of obesity or if you suffer from any chronic pathology such as diabetes.

If you are taking any medication, if you have anxiety or depression problems, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.

For the above reason, it is very important not to self-medicate, nor to start a treatment for overweight based on medicinal plants without the advice of your doctor.


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