What are herbal adaptogens teas?

What are herbal adaptogens teas?

Even though we don’t think much about them or know too much about their properties.

We are surrounded by plants that often make life easier for us.

The chamomile that relieves us the scrambled stomach, the rosemary, whose smell in the stew tones us.

In addition to transporting us to an afternoon in the field, the ginger, which we sometimes add to our juice or smoothie, turmeric.

Which we have in the pantry because we have been told that it is very healthy, although we do not know very well why.

Some of these herbs, known as adaptogens, not only serve to bring flavor and color to our food.

But apparently can be good allies to tone us and improve our well-being.

Adaptogen plants are what superfoods are to food, that is, plants with particularly interesting properties for the body.

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