Darjeeling Tea. The Champagne of Teas

Darjeeling tea is a booming black tea strain, but you’ve probably not heard of this infusion or heard it named by its reputation.

But you don’t know what its properties, characteristics, and benefits it can bring to our body.

So I would like to share this with you in this post.

I’ll tell you about its qualities and some of its medicinal properties.

The Darjeeling region is located very close to the Himalayan mountain range.

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10 Best Morning Teas. A Morning Tea Guide!

To be able to replace coffee with some of today’s best morning teas, we can make use of many types of teas.

This is a great help to our defenses and does not provide caffeine.

Also, you can choose teas like green or its other versions (red, black, or white)

You should know that they have a stimulating effect on our body, so they should be consumed moderately and not if it is in a state of gestation or lactating.

The good thing about these drinks is that they provide many antioxidants and can aid in weight loss.

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