8 Amazing White Tea benefits

8 amazing white tea benefits.

8 Amazing White tea benefits.

White tea is one of the most delicate tea varieties because its processing requires very controlled conditions.

It is obtained from the very young leaves of the tea tree (Camellia Sinensis) and its production is very low.

Because white tea leaves are not oxidation, white tea contains the least amount of caffeine.

It is the tea that has the most catechins and polyphenols, which are responsible for great health benefits.

White tea is opening up a step on Green tea as it is even better than this in terms of benefits and properties.

Because white tea leaves do not undergo oxidation it contains less amount of caffeine, about 15 mg per cup approximately.

One of the biggest properties of white tea is its potency as a natural antioxidant.

White tea stands out as being the most potent antioxidant in nature.

In addition,  white tea is much more effective and potent than vitamin E and vitamin C.

Not in vain, very few people really know that white tea is much richer in antioxidants than green tea.

 8 Amazing White tea benefits.

benefits of white tea

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Like many heart-healthy fruits and vegetables, white tea has a high flavonoid content that helps reduce hypertension.

By lowering blood pressure, white tea is useful for a wide range of cardiovascular health benefits.

It lowers blood cholesterol levels.

It is known that this variety of tea possesses certain slimming powers because it manages to accelerate the metabolism, thus this infusion favors the reduction of the lipids of both the cholesterol and the body fat.

This beverage is also very useful to fight arteriosclerosis as it decreases triglyceride levels while elevating the levels of good or HDL cholesterol.

 It is Antibacterial.

As already mentioned, the different varieties of tea have a disinfectant effect against various bacteria, especially some pathogenic ones found in the gut and in the skin or mucous membranes.

Again, it is the polyphenols that are responsible for this effect, and white tea is the one that has the greatest concentration.

This is very useful to combat bad breath, due to dental bacterial plaques.

Prevents infections by improving defenses.

As we have already mentioned, the different varieties of tea have a disinfectant effect against several bacteria, especially some pathogens found in the intestines and in the skin or mucous membranes.

Again, polyphenols are responsible for this effect, and white tea is the most concentrated.

This is very useful for combating bad breath due to dental bacterial plaques.

Improve your skin and prevent wrinkles.white tea

White tea is one of those resources, because of its very well studied oxidizing characteristics, which protect the skin cells (and also the brain and liver) from the effects of aging.

But also polyphenols protect from the harmful action of sun rays, ultraviolet A and B.

It is not fattening because it has no sugar, but it has a much nicer taste than other tea with similar properties.

Along with its slimming power, White tea accelerates the metabolism, favoring the reduction of body fat and cholesterol.

Purifying, detoxifying, also stimulates digestive secretions, making it easier to digest fatty foods.

But white tea has a very interesting effect: it produces satiety.

This is also due to the ECGC, which increases the production of cholecystokinin (CCK) in the intestine and which is responsible for making us feel satisfied after eating.

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It is the best natural antioxidant.

One of the great benefits of tea is the high concentration of antioxidants they possess.

White tea is precisely the highest level of catechins and polyphenols present.

However, we know this quality of White tea confers a wide range of benefits.

The antioxidants protect the organism from free radicals that are produced freely by our metabolism and that causes many harmful processes like damaging the DNA and cellular aging.

Antioxidants protect us from several of these effects, such as type II diabetes or cancer.

Help lose weight.

White tea is also a perfect aid for softening. This is due to the white tea for lose weightgreat influence it has on the digestive system.

It promotes intestinal transit, helps eliminate unnecessary substances and helps burn fat naturally and quickly.

Thanks also to its diuretic action, it is the ideal ally to fight fluid retention.

Reduces the risk of cancer.

In White tea, an antioxidant, in particular, known as ECGC, is the component that could be used for the treatment of cancer.

This molecule is also a polyphenol and is the “star” of cancer researchers.

One of the studies is to ensure that the patient can take pills with ECGC and some other component that transports it directly to young cancer cells.

White Tea side effects.

While it is true that green tea does have certain contraindications, the truth is that as some scientific studies have been shown, as far as white tea is concerned, no clear side effects have been found.

This is mainly due to its low caffeine content, which compared to green tea, it contributes only half.

And yet it does have greater benefits, due to its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Therefore, only contraindications have been found in those people who are allergic to white tea in itself.

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How to prepare White Tea.

To make the most of your cup of White Tea, simply follow white tea benefitsthese simple steps.

It uses weak mineralization water in a temperature range of 60o to 80oC.

Heat the kettle with hot water and place 2 g of White Tea per 200 cl cups of water, leaving them at rest for 2 minutes with the moisture in the kettle.

Pour the hot water over the preheated leaves and leave in infusion for 3 to 7 minutes, depending on variety and personal taste.

Serve the tea with the help of a strainer and leave the leaves at the bottom of the teapot for the next infusion.

We can make up to 3 exquisite infusions with the selected White tea leaves.

To take advantage of all the antioxidants of White Tea we recommend preparing it in maceration.

Simply leave the buds at rest for 2 hours in cold water, and you’ll get a refreshing, healthy drink.

With this method of preparation, white tea polyphenols have shown more activity than preparing it with hot water, an increase that has not been observed in other varieties of tea.

Due to its high potassium content, it is advisable to take between 1 and 3 cups daily.

You should also keep in mind that white tea has a fairly sweet taste.

So if you want you can do without sugar or sweeteners.

Final thoughts.benefits of white tea

Depending on the variety of tea and although this figure is not accurate if indicative, we can say that green tea contains 75% of antioxidants compared to white tea.

For this reason, white tea is sometimes said to be more beneficial than green tea.

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12 Replies to “8 Amazing White Tea benefits”

  1. The benefits of tea are amazing. I just read your article regarding five types of tea improving respiratory function but wow, white tea is even greater, it seems. I’ve always heard good things regarding tea, however I also brushed them off as fads and never really anything proven by science. This article and your previous article changed my viewpoint substantially and it’s something I’ll likely try myself, while convincing my coffee-drinking family with proof that tea is a far better option. 

    1. Hi Todd. Thanks for your kind words.  if you really need proof to convince your family about the benefits of drinking tea then I have 15 strong reasons to prove it. Here is a post from the past, I hope you will find it useful.Javier.

  2. I feel like white tea is highly underrated! It tastes really good and is perfect for night time since it has less caffeine than black or green tea. I didn’t know that it has less antioxidants than green tea. That’s really interesting. I love tea and now that I see some of the health benefits I didn’t know about before, I’ll start drinking more white tea. Thanks!

    1. Totally agree with you, Eric. White tea is the most underrated among all teas but I have to correct you, White tea is the most potent antioxidant in nature. Enjoy a cup of White tea Eric!!!

  3. I must say that I never used white tea. I even did not hear about this tea as it is not popular here in my country. I like its benefits and I would like to use it primarily for weight reduction. I see that it is a great antioxidant and it contain catechins which positively affect weight loss. Great topic! I will definitely use it.

  4. At at tea expo I attended earlier, I was introduced to white tea and had the opportunity to taste before buying it. Indeed, according to the seller, it’s a scarce variety, but the main appeal is its low caffeine content. I love tea and coffee, yet if I consume too much or after 3p.m., it would give me uncomfortable palpitation and keep me well awake throughout the night. 

    With white tea, I get lesser of that so this is definitely my choice of tea moving forward. 

    1. Hi Cathy. As you may know, any kind of tea contains some levels of caffeine but among all teas, White tea is the one with lower levels. I am glad that you found out about the benefits of White Tea to improve your health.


  5. As much as I love tea Im not sure I have had white tea.  However because of your article I think that is going to have to change.  As much as I love teas I sometimes have a problem finding the ones that I love the taste of.This tea sounds like it is so healthy that a person should learn to love the taste no matter what.Thank you so much for taking the time and putting in the effort to write this article.  I know its going to go on my drink list.Dale

    1. Hi Dale, I am pleased you found this post helpful! You do not have to worry about finding the right one because I  have a recommendation for you of several White Teas with a different twist like Pineapple and White Tea or Uva Ursi Tea without losing any of the benefits. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

  6. I love both green tea and white tea. White tea seems to have a little bit of a delicate taste also. I did not know that white tea had more antioxidants so that is going to be a most on my list going forward. You mentioned improved skin and wrinkles from white tea for at least 1 year. Can you see the benefits before that? Also do you know of any other ways to boost immunity?

    1. Hi Cathy, Yes, White Tea is the best natural antioxidant and regarding flavor, you can have White Tea with add flavors such as White Tea with Pineappletea. without losing any of the benefits. For skin improvements, I am sure you can start to see changes after 8 or 9 months and for the immune system to kick in.

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