Best tea for breakfast.

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Tea is a good drink for breakfast for its relaxing and at the same time stimulating properties, naturally can reduce heaviness and activate the nervous system and thus give us that spark to start the day, so many recommend accompanying the breakfast with a good cup of tea.

To start the day sometimes we need a stimulant that helps us to wake up completely and start the day with the greatest energy, what many do not know is that tea, is a perfect option to activate us when the feeling of drowsiness invades us, so to accompany breakfast a cup of tea can be pleasant.

Coffee in large amounts is addictive, by the amount of caffeine (more than double that of tea), and can contribute to anxiety.

It can also cause headaches. Tea, however, with several cups a day, in the long run, reduces the production of so-called stress hormone.

Another potential problem with coffee is that it increases blood pressure.

And without filtering can also raise cholesterol.

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Benefits of tea at breakfast.tea for breakfast

Reduces stress hormone.

They provide theine which is a stimulating substance for the body.

It reduces the amount of appetite during the day.

Take care of your health.

Provides a variety of flavors along with meals.

Helps improve the digestion process.

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Best teas for breakfast.

Green Tea, for its ability to calm the nervous and digestive system and reduce fatigue, will make us start the day feeling like new.

For those who like to drink tea with milk, the ideal is Black Tea, which will also give us an extra dose of energy.

We can combine it with milk or vegetable kinds of milk, like oats, soy, almonds or rice.

The classic Earl Grey Superior or the sweet Chocolate Black Tea are two delicious options.

If you want to cleanse your body, there is nothing better than drinking your first cup of Red Tea, which promotes digestion and improves intestinal flora, a fundamental aspect of maintaining digestive health and well-being.

Oolong Tea is a softer tea for having less amount of theine, just as the previous ones has its healthy properties, its aroma is very characteristic so it is better to consume it as natural as possible.

Final thoughts.

A portion of fruit or natural juice, bread or cereals, preferably grain can tea for breakfastnot be missed as they will provide us with long-lasting energy, a portion of dairies such as cheese, milk or yogurt containing protein, calcium, and vitamins.

We can also include some protein such as ham or bluefish, but we should avoid overly caloric products that provide few nutrients to the body.

So if you want a healthy energy shot in the morning that lasts all day, accompany your nutritious and varied breakfast with a comforting cup of tea.

And, above all, don’t stop serving it to your children so that they don’t lack energy for their studies and games.


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