The Top 7 Benefits Of Sencha Tea.

Sencha green tea has been used throughout history for its benefits.

Green tea is probably the most popular type of tea you can try. Then it’s not surprising that so many people like this drink.

Recent research shows that more than half of all Americans drink tea regularly.

This post talks about seven good things that happen when you drink sencha tea, so many benefits!! which might make you want to try it today.

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What Is Matcha? Types, Storing, Making,Taste and More.

What is Matcha? It is a green powder, exactly in Japan, ‘matcha’ means powdered tea. It began to be drunk in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

In that period, there was a large wave of Japanese immigrants traveling to China to learn a new form of Buddhism.

That is, the Chan Buddhism we know today as Zen Buddhism.

It seems that this form of Buddhism makes use of meditation in its ritual and religious practices.

Buddhist monks have long discovered that tea helps keep the mind alert.

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The best green tea of Japan.

The best green tea of Japan is green tea powder or Matcha, This type of Japanese green tea (there are different types) was originally from China.

And of course, its success was because the Japanese upper classes introduced it through the tea ceremony.

Green tea is the daily drink in Japan, history of green tea in Japan started when Buddhist monks introduced it hundreds of years ago after their pilgrimages to China.

Today, China, Japan, and Korea are the largest producers of green tea in the world.

Of course, each country has its particularities in terms of the production and flavors of teas. Today, in particular, we tell you all about Japanese green teas.

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