The Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Tea.

Ginger turmeric tea is a well-known drink for the number of benefits this mix brings to our health.

These two tubers are two of the most typical foods in the so-called ÔÇÿnatural medicine’.

Various civilizations have attributed them a great variety of medicinal properties and today they are very trendy.

Both ginger root and turmeric root are quite similar in shape.

The first is somewhat smaller and darker, with a really strong orange tincture inside, while ginger is somewhat larger and yellowish, as well as having a fresh and spicy taste in the mouth.

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What is Kava Tea. Benefits, Taste, Effects, Safety.

This bitter root also has a medicinal history, thanks to its ability to inspire a restful sleep and perhaps relieve pain.

But, increasingly, kava is seen as a social lubricant in the Pacific Islands. In Tonga, for example, the root is most often consumed in kava social clubs, acting as an alternative to cafes, tea houses, and bars.

In the US, the largest importer of this root, kava bars has not been very successful.

But the medicinal qualities of the plant often make headlines. Today, most consumers buy kava tea for health and wellness purposes: the root can relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and has some analgesic properties.

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