Great Summertime Iced tea recipes.

Great Summertime Iced tea recipes.

Summer means cold and refreshing drinks, which can quench our thirst and more.

Iced tea, besides refreshing and fun with a variety of flavors, is already proven to be beneficial to our health.

It has less calories, is much more hydrating and has a lot of active ingredients that can do wonders in the human body.

We live in a highly cultural society, and regardless of size, there is always a reason to celebrate and celebrate by eating and drinking.

Hence the need to seek other options less caloric, fat-free or sugar-free.

As a result of this search for a healthier drink, there are doubts as to what you can ask for in a convenience store.

The options are the usual, ‘ zero ‘ or ‘ light ‘ and so on. Then we’ve got iced tea too.

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Where did the iced tea originate?

Did you know that cold tea was invented at the St Louis World Expo in 1904?

The creator was American; Richard Blechynden. He called it “Ice Tea” since then, it is an excellent option to replace soft drinks or other artificial refreshments with a lot of sugar for its natural and healthy character.

The fact that 86% of Americans drink tea has led to the fabrication and distribution of this drink. It has grown at an exponential rate over the years.

But this is not only an American thing, the whole world discovers various mixtures of fruit and iced teas.

A large variety of flavors makes the beverage more popular if possible.

Global chains are introducing ready-to-drink teas in the Middle East and Asia.

In America, only 40% of the drink sold in coffee shops are served cold, while in Asia and tropical countries.

Cold is the main mode of consumption.

Types of iced tea.

The highest volume of iced tea consumed is made at home, but sales of tea concentrated and chilled infusions are in full growth.

Grocery stores show a strong preference for the convenience of bottled teas.

There are a lot of brands out there, some from large companies.

The continuous increase in sales has resulted in large multinationals investing in this soft drink.

We all know their names. More importantly, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Lipton.

These two brands gather a large portion of the sales that is made in commercial zones around the world.

Along with these two giants taking the market, certified organic and fair trade tea manufacturers are coming out.

They multiply and, of course, they propose products without additives. That incorporate cold teas from the main production lines.

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Summertime Iced tea.

Cranberry Tea.

Cranberry tea is organically sourced and naturally caffeinated.

This herbal tea can be savored hot, or it can be iced as a refreshment for a hot summer day.

Dried and powdered, these berries also make a refreshing and life-giving tea.

Hibiscus Tea.

It is a tea to the tangy and refreshing taste. This tea is well known as iced tea and served regularly through the warm summer months.

Watermelon-Black Iced Tea.

Aromatized with the concentration of ripe melon and cucumber compact for the ultimate refreshing sip.

It is ideal to take in the mornings and at noon.

In the mouth leaves a very nice melon flavor.

Ginger Green Tea.

The delicacy of green tea adds a gentle meditative quality to the warmth of ginger.

The sweet, fruity flavor of lemon and citronella with fresh mint leads to this even higher green tea.

Giving it a refined and refreshing quality.

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Summertime iced tea recipes.

Hibiscus tea

It is a very popular drink that is made by infusing the Jamaican rose (hibiscus).


50 g dehydrated hibiscus flower.

A liter of water.

Sugar or sweetener (as appropriate).

How to prepare your hibiscus tea recipe:

Place the water in a pot and add the hibiscus blossom.

Bring water to a boil and allow to infuse.

Filter the water from Jamaica in a bowl, add sugar or sweetening to taste.

Chill for about 1 hour, then serve. You can keep it in the fridge.

Cranberry tea.


Two-and-a-half cups cranberry juice.

2 1/2 cups lemon soda.

1 1/2 cups of water.

2 black teabags.

Ice cubes.


Heat 1 1/2 cups of water, put in black tea bags and let cool.

In a jug mix the cranberry juice together with the black tea and finally add the lemon soda.

When everything is mixed, refrigerate to serve very cold.

If you like, you can cut some lemon slices to go with the drink.

Add the ice to the serving.

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Ginger Green Tea.

Ingredients: For tea. 1/4 ounce green tea leaves.

1/4 cup lemon juice.

3/4 cup gingerbread syrup.

1/4 cup grenadine honey.

Peppermint leaves, lemon slices and pomegranate seeds to decorate.

To make ginger syrup.

(Roughly 5 cups) 225 grams freshly ground ginger, peeled.

3 cups of sugar. 2 cups of water.


For tea: Place the tea leaves in a large bowl.

Heat 3 1/2 cups water to boiling point.

Let cool for about 5 minutes and pour the remaining water into the tea leaves.

Set aside 5 minutes.

Then filter the tea and throw away the leaves.

Pour in the lemon juice, ginger syrup and pomegranate.

Add 8 cups of cold water.

Mix and let stand overnight.

Serve with ice and lemon slices in the glass.

Add grain seeds and mint leaves.

For ginger syrup:

Cut the ginger into little chunks.

Grab a processor and chop it up.

In a large pot, stir in sugar and water.

Bring to the boil and lower the heat.

Reduce the heat until the sugar dissolves.

Add the chopped ginger.

Let the pot cool, then put it in the refrigerator overnight.

The following day, it passes through a thin mesh (at least twice).

That way, you can take out the rest of the ginger.

Pour the syrup in an enclosed bowl.

You can keep it refrigerated for a few weeks.

Watermelon-Black Iced tea.



Five gallons of water. 2 tea bags of black tea. 1 lemon. 1 lime. 1/2 watermelon.

A couple of peppermint leaves.

A tablespoon of honey, stevia, agave (or sugar), etc.

To taste.

Place tea bags in cold water for 1 hour.

At the end of the time, crush the melon and add it to the tea.

Squeeze the lemon and add the juice to the tea.

Add the lime (or lemon) sliced.

Finally, add mint leaves and agave syrup, stevia, or honey.

Serve on the rocks.

How to make lemon iced tea.


8 lemon tea leaves.

3 tablespoons honey.

3 lemons. Ice cubes to taste.


In a large pot, heat 1 1/2 l of water with honey and lemon leaves.

Cook until boiling, remove from heat, filter and let cool for a while.

Cut the lemons into slices and add to the tea with a small amount of ice.

Set aside 20 minutes at room temperature before serving.

Sweet iced tea Recipe.

That makes a gallon.

Time to prepare: 10 min.

Ingredients. 25 grams or 8 teabags of Ceylan black tea.

A cup of granulated sugar.


Fresh mint leaves or lemon slices (optional).


Bring 4 cups water to the boil in a small pot over medium-high heat.

Take off the heat.

Leave to stand for five minutes.

Pour the tea into the pot.

After 5 minutes, squeeze out the tea.

Add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

Pour the tea stock in the jug.

Add 3 extra litres of water to the base of the tea to make one gallon of sweet tea and stir.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours or preferably overnight.

Serve it over ice.

Pour the sweetened tea into cups filled with ice.

Add a pinch of mint or lemon wedge each time, if desired.

Unsweetened recipe.

Ingredients 2 cups water (500 ml).

A couple of teaspoons of Red Pu Erh tea.

Two tablespoons of Stevía.

Two tablespoons lemon juice. Ice.


Heat the water in a pan or teapot without boiling or in the heat-selectable kettle.

Infuse the tea in the water for about 5 minutes.

Remove the tea leaves or teabag that you use.

Pour in the syrup and lemon juice and stir.

Let the tea rest slightly chilled.

Pour ice in a couple of glasses, serve the tea and garnish with the spice mixture to give it color, flavour and aroma.

Basic recipe.

Bring to a boil at 95 degrees, insert the tea (loosened in a filter).

Let sit for several minutes.

Until I take the color (the longer the tea taste)

5-7min if it’s black tea 4-5 min if it’s rooibos

Pour the tea into a jug, add the fruit or juice from the recipe, then let cool.

To serve it, we will add, before serving it for our picnic on the beach, the ice (better if crushed), a small pipe, and if you have left any birthdays, a cocktail umbrella.

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How to make iced tea with tea bags.

How many tea bags in a gallon of iced tea.

Generally, a teabag contains 2 to 3 grams of tea.

It takes approximately 28 grams of tea to make a gallon, so you would need 9-14 tea bags in a gallon of tea.

To make cold-brewed tea, you need approximately one teabag for 16 oz of tea.

To make 44 oz of tea in a water pitcher, you need 3 tea bags.

I take 8 teabags to make a gallon. If you like strong tea, you can add 1 or 2 more teabags in.


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