The Best Teas For Athletes To Drink.

The best teas for athletes to drink.

During exercises, our body consumed about 20 times more oxygen than in normal conditions.

Which produces a lot of free radicals that can damage the cells, causing diseases.

It is already known that physical training, whatever it may be, helps to increase basal metabolism.

In addition to burning calories during movement, allows the caloric expenditure to be higher, even when at rest.

But there are certain functional ingredients that, by eating food.

Can accentuate this thermogenic effect that allows you to burn more calories.

Tea contains numerous polyphenols which in Green tea are fundamentally catechins and in Black tea the oxidized forms of catechins.

Which are potent antioxidants, which help neutralize those free radicals, avoiding cell damage.

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In addition to the known antioxidant power, these polyphenols are anti-inflammatory, reduce cortisol, relax blood vessels, obtain vasodilator effect, increase glucose uptake by muscle, etc.

Also, the high level of antioxidants in tea causes caffeine to assimilate more slowly than in other beverages.

Avoiding the sudden drop in energy at half typical of other stimulant drinks.

So, for example, it is a highly recommended infusion for people who usually perform exercises before having breakfast.

Most athletes look for a natural and pleasant way to hydrate.

Tea is ideal for all those who seek to stay hydrated but without having to make sacrifices in their sense of taste.

You can find a lot of sweet, fruity, and light teas that you can drink without any problem.

Thanks to its flavor, you are likely to drink more fluids a day and stay healthy.

In particular, green tea is highly recommended for athletes because it increases their physical endurance.

Thanks to its properties, it is in charge of burning the fat to convert it to energy in a natural way.

This way, you have more energy to carry out your physical activities and be able to endure more.

In this post, we will divide infusions for athletes before a workout and infusions for; Because our body needs different things in both cases.

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Many studies have shown that tea has health benefits.

These include references that indicate that frequently consumed and unused products support weight management, boost the immune system, prevent cardiovascular disease, regulate cholesterol, and improve bone density, the beneficial effects are digested.

Add to this that it does not provide calories and yes certain essential nutrients.

Numerous nutritionists recommend the consumption of tea for athletes because this drink brings some advantages to physical activity.

Here you have it. The best herbal teas to drink before and after a sports practice.

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Best Teas For Athletes To Drink.

Infusions before training.

By drinking tea before a work out we are giving our body strength and energy for the consumption of calories that we will perform in that activity.

That’s how we’ll feel strong.

In addition, an infusion before performing an activity is also considered to cause the body to be prepared to burn fat.

For example, with the presence of green tea in any preparation, thanks to its medicinal properties.

Ginseng Tea.

Lack of energy before a workout? Ginseng is the solution!!!!

Without a doubt, the infusion for the athlete’s favorite for many is that of Ginseng.

This plant is known for improving body strength and energy in general.

But it also has other benefits such as diabetes prevention, nervousness, lung problems, etc.

Green Tea.

Tea contains protein, a stimulant substance, chemically identical to caffeine.

As a result, any tea we take before we make a physical effort will offer us the energy to do it successfully.

Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this infusion for athletes in improving exercise performance.

Fat burning, and an increase in metabolic rate, make it easier to lose more calories.

Guarana Tea.

This type of plant contains high levels of caffeine, above the coffee.

So it is one of the best infusions for athletes looking for an extra supply of energy.

Besides, it avoids the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, improving muscular recovery and preventing stiffness.

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Best Teas For Athletes To Drink.

Infusions after training.

Drinking tea after exercise is suitable for relaxing muscles.

It is also advised because it helps us recover the energies we have lost throughout the training.

So at the same time, we hydrate to recover the liquid lost thanks to its minerals.

Ginger Tea.

One of the best teas for athletes to drink.

And if you haven’t been able to avoid shoelaces in any way, ginger is your solution.

This Asian tuber is known for a lot of properties, such as weight control or digestion.

Still, it is the ideal infusion for an athlete to alleviate muscle pain, avoid inflammation, and reduce stiffness.

Rosemary Tea.

Rosemary is an analgesic and antioxidant that facilitates the digestion of fats and starch.

From the sporting point of view, this infusion favors circulation after training and provides a feeling of warmth in muscles and sore joints, especially after exercise.

Fenugreek Tea.

It is the least known athlete’s infusion in herbalist stores, both in pods and seeds.

It is ideal for those who, after a few months of trying rice and chicken and a well-defined weight routine.

Do not manage to win a gram.


Is it OK to drink tea before running?

The main benefit of including tea in the diet of the athlete is found in the hydration it provides us.

The best? Is that tea has several flavors, some sweeter, others less, others more sugary, others more fruity?

You’ll always find an option that’s pleasing to you.

Staying well-hydrated is essential because our body needs to consume a number of fluids that, after physical activity, our body will demand.

Just keep in mind that approximately 60% of our body is composed of water.

Does tea increase stamina?

Consumption of tea when playing sport is advisable to provide us with energy.

Especially when we are exposed to stronger sessions in which it is essential to maintain our resistance and that fat is lost in the right way, without putting our health at risk.

In addition, one of the advantages of drinking tea or infusions when playing sport is that all the free radicals that arise while we play sport are fought with the antioxidants that tea possesses.

According to studies, green tea is a very special ally for a sport such as a background, races, marathons, or intense exercise.

That is why for a long-intensity training it will be important to have a green tea.

Before starting as it allows for greater oxidation of fat and a constant energy intake.

How to prepare it.

Usually, after boiling the water and infusing the tea for a few minutes (2-4) at less than 100 degrees.

The drink gets a pleasant and characteristic taste, but, after that time, it has not yet released all the substances mentioned above, although caffeine (green can follow releasing phenolic contents after 50 minutes).

If we leave a lot of time infused with the herb.

The drink obtains a bitter taste that some people will find more challenging to ingest.

Because of the peculiar flavor provided by tannins, catechins, and other phenolic compounds.

How does temperature influence?

When preparing tea at a high temperature, the caffeine content will be higher, so Japanese teas are usually the mildest in the theine content, as they are ready at little heat, below even the white tea.

If we drink tea when it is hot, the catechins reduce the activity of the theine and attenuate its activity.

As it cools off, caffeine molecules become more so.

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Final Thoughts.

In conclusion, say that the tea brings multiple benefits for the athlete; it can be consumed before, during, and even after exercise, depending on the effect you are hoping to get.

Hydrates stimulate, allows higher concentration inactivity, has numerous antioxidants, some essential trace element, and has no calories.

And, as in everything, without abuse and always within the framework of a healthy diet.

Most drinks that contain electrolytes or that promise to give you energy during your physical activity contain high doses of sugar and caffeine.

One of the main mistakes that athletes do in the morning is to take several cups of coffee before going out to run.

Thinking that they will have more energy. But a key aspect is that the coffee is dehydrated.

Drinking tea is a better alternative, contains caffeine gives you energy, and hydrates your body.

Based on this I bet on the use of infusions, have you tried any?

What do you think about including infusions for athletes in your day-to-day with this objective?

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