Seven Surprising Green Tea Benefits.

We will talk about a few of the many green tea benefits in this post. Camellia sinensis leaves that have been steamed and dried are used to make green tea.

The world currently uses it, and it has its roots in China. Its numerous health advantages have made it popular in recent years.

High levels of antioxidants found in green tea help prevent free radical damage and eliminate dangerous substances known as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

By producing Free radicals, antioxidants function as organic cellular repair agents and safeguard cell structures.

Green tea can lower the risk of heart disease, some types of cancer, and other ailments, even though it almost appears too wonderful to be true.

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Is Green Tea A Fat Burner?

Green tea is the best and healthiest fat burner tea around, It is full of antioxidants and capable of activating our metabolism.

The following green tea options will help you naturally burn that extra fat that you have left over.

Although infusion is the most well-known way to consume green tea; however, there are other options.

For example, it comes in powder, there are capsules, as well as food supplements.

Therefore, you must be very careful with the amount to consume.

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How to make Green Tea. The Complete and Simple Guide.

Many wonder about how to make green tea. The important thing is to know that to get all the benefits of green tea and maintain its properties.

Several aspects of the preparation and how to take it must be taken into account. In fact, in the West, it is known as the “slimming infusion”.

Used thousands of years ago by Traditional Chinese Medicine, the time has come to analyze whether the benefits of green tea have the scientific endorsement.
It is believed that its slight oxidation handles tea leaves maintaining a higher proportion of antioxidant substances than other varieties such as black tea.

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Jasmine Green Tea Benefits to Health and Wellbeing.

Today we will talk about the number of health benefits that Jasmine green tea provides to our bodies.

It is well known by its name, however, few people consume it. In addition to the slightly sweet taste and fragrance, it contributes.

It is important to be clear that jasmine green tea is a pleasant mixture of jasmine flowers and real tea brought from China.

Usually, the base is green tea or black tea, resulting in a concoction of extremely beneficial combined properties.

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Is Green Tea Caffeinated? Here is How Much.

Is Green tea caffeinated?
Everyone knows that drinks such as Green tea and caffeine are recommended when we start a slimming diet due to the power, they have to drop fats by accelerating metabolism.
These beverages have been so successful that countless products containing them have been put on the market.
This has made that currently many people ingest them in excess which can have a series of harmful effects on the body.
If there is one thing we should know, it is that tea, regardless of whether it is green, white, black, etc., comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis.
This plant has many properties and in it is the component of caffeine or theine.
From now on we will use the concept of caffeine or theine alkaloid.

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Black Tea vs Green Tea: Difference,Taste, Health, Caffeine.

There are always many doubts around tea types and the question that always comes to mind is What is the difference between Black tea vs Green tea?

In reality, there are almost as many types of tea as there are producers, as the processes of cultivation, harvesting, drying, fermenting, mixing, packaging and marketing are endless.

The most popular are black tea and green tea, but there are other varieties depending on their production process — white, yellow, red, blue.

Or their origin — Darjeeling (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Formosa (Taiwan), or Assan (northeast India).

However, all teas come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. It doesn’t matter if it’s green, black, white, or red tea. The difference is its processing.

Tea leaves dry out and although many people think they are left to ferment, what actually happens is an oxidation-controlled humidity and temperature.

If the oxidation process is long, black tea is obtained, and if it is shorter, green tea.

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6 Best Oolong Teas You Absolutely Need To Try.

The best Oolong teas have their origin in China, thanks to their natural properties, it is one of the most precious ancestral drinks of the Asian country and, fortunately, it is consumed more and more in the Western hemisphere.

Especially since its great relaxing and regenerating power has been demonstrated.

Like any tea, it also comes from the tea tree (Camellia sinensis), but it is harvested, especially, in the Chinese province of Fujian.

Where the variant called Ti-Kuan-Yin is produced, which is recognizable for retaining most of the characteristics of green tea.



Another well-known variant is the so-called Formosa Oolong, which comes from Taiwan and is stronger in flavor than the one produced in Fujian.

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Can green tea detox your body?

Green tea is a beverage that invigorates, rehydrates, and could help detox your body from unhealthy impurities.

The second most-consumed drink in the world is characterized mainly by its antioxidant capacity, and by purifying the body.

Helping the digestive system, it eliminates toxins, gases, and naturally controls digestion.

One of the options that are more fashionable is green tea so that the body eliminates all the pollutants.

Detox infusions are characterized by having advantages over other infusions, mainly for their digestive and diuretic properties.

Thus helping the elimination of retained liquids and toxin products of an imbalanced diet, and improving the digestion of food which can also be affected.

Let’s see how green tea can detox your body.

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Does drinking green tea at night help?

It is a drink that is used as an infusion, but also as natural medicine. Not in vain, it has numerous beneficial properties. So much so that many consider it one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.

Some say it is invigorating, while others claim it’s a relaxing drink. However, experts deny that green tea causes problems if we drink it at night.

Its rich contribution of antioxidants, not only helps to lose weight or burn fat faster, which is why it is better known.

But also because they protect cardiovascular and brain health, prevent premature aging and oxidation cells, in addition to the appearance of various diseases, including cancer cells.

This is due to the main components, catechin or EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and L-theanine. In the case of EGCG, it accelerates metabolism, which improves physical performance and boosts energy in the body

On the contrary and according to their evidence, green tea before bed can be the answer to many of our problems, such as anxiety or improving the pace of metabolism just before and during your sleep period, which helps to better cleanse your body of toxins.

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Is matcha and green tea the same thing?

Is matcha and green tea the same thing? We tell you how they are different and how you can tell them apart.

Matcha tea is a type of green tea, although its production process differs.

Twenty days before harvesting, the green tea plantation is capped to increase the concentration of chlorophyll by providing matcha with its characteristic vibrant green color.

The best leaves selected and collected manually go through a long process of natural drying.

Undergo a steam bath to discard the stems and nerves, and thus, grindstone only the tender part of the leaf.

As a result, matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than conventional green tea.

Green tea is a type of Camellia sinensis tea, which is not oxidized during treatment and whose leaves are collected fresh and then dried, pressed, rolled, and squeeze.

While green tea is steeped in hot water, matcha powders are added to hot water, so you consume 100% of the green tea leaf.

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