Does drinking green tea at night help?

It is a drink that is used as an infusion, but also as natural medicine. Not in vain, it has numerous beneficial properties. So much so that many consider it one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.

Some say it is invigorating, while others claim it’s a relaxing drink. However, experts deny that green tea causes problems if we drink it at night.

Its rich contribution of antioxidants, not only helps to lose weight or burn fat faster, which is why it is better known.

But also because they protect cardiovascular and brain health, prevent premature aging and oxidation cells, in addition to the appearance of various diseases, including cancer cells.

This is due to the main components, catechin or EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and L-theanine. In the case of EGCG, it accelerates metabolism, which improves physical performance and boosts energy in the body

On the contrary and according to their evidence, green tea before bed can be the answer to many of our problems, such as anxiety or improving the pace of metabolism just before and during your sleep period, which helps to better cleanse your body of toxins.

As for the best time to take it, this can range from first thing in the morning or late at night. And it is when our body will absorb more satisfactorily all the beneficial properties.

For this reason, in this post, we are going to talk about how green tea will help us improve our health if we choose to take it at night before going to sleep.

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green tea at night
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Does drinking green tea at night help?

In turn, we can also mention a number of benefits of green tea at night. The amino acid L-theanine, it contains helps to relax at night and decrease feelings of anxiety and stress.

This will allow you to rest better and combat insomnia problems.

On the other hand, the antioxidant properties of green tea will increase the capacity of the immune system.

Without forgetting that it is a drink that improves brain functions.

One of the most outstanding benefits of drinking green tea at night is that it will help us regulate intestinal transit.

Making the intestine manage to digest food better and eliminate any type of toxin that can harm our health.

On the other hand, green tea will also help us avoid any type of cardiovascular disease.

Since it helps regulate cholesterol levels in the arteries and prevents obstruction of the vascular ducts.

Studies from Harvard University claim that cardiovascular disease can be reduced by drinking green tea.

It could also lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

Finally, it should be noted that taking this infusion every night will help us improve the health of our skin.

Green tea has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cellular oxidation and prevent the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

In short, there are numerous benefits of green tea on an empty stomach, at night, and in general. A drink that, as soon as possible, you should include in your daily diet.

The consumption of 1 or 2 cups of green tea a day is the most recommended by specialists.

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What people should not drink green tea?

Green tea is beneficial for any type of person, but if you have any health problems you should be careful with its consumption.

And there are some groups of people who should not drink green tea, as it can harm their health considerably.

People with hypertension: People with blood pressure problems should avoid consuming large amounts of green tea. Because it has stimulating properties that can harm your health.

People with insomnia: People with sleep problems should moderate the consumption of these types of teas, as they can disrupt their normal sleep cycle.

People with anemia: In addition, it should be added that consuming green tea decreases the absorption of iron and folic acid, two substances equally important for pregnant women.

When iron absorption falls when consuming green tea, it is also recommended that women who are in a state of gestation or breastfeeding avoid drinking this type of tea. Since it can harm your health and the health of the baby.

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green tea at night
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Despite the benefits provided to the body by moderate consumption of green tea, it is contraindicated in pregnant women and people suffering from cardiac disorders and arrhythmias, ulcers, and liver problems.

Due to the stimulating effect of the components of green tea, an excess in its intake can not only accelerate the metabolism of fats but also increases the heart rate and trigger a series of negative processes in our health, causing toxicity in the liver, in addition to being incompatible with the intake of certain medications.

For this reason, it should only be consumed for the period of time and the amount determined by the nutritionist and, in the event of an adverse reaction, its intake should be suspended.

Final thoughts.

So is it good or bad to drink green tea at night? There is no reliable scientific answer to advise or prohibit drinking green tea at night.

Some think that it is better at night so that while we sleep our body retains all the benefits that this drink provides us.

Others believe that when it will benefit us the most is first thing in the morning. Taking advantage of the fact that we have not yet ingested any type of food.

However, health specialists do advise that to avoid any problems with sleep, avoid taking at night if there is a sensitivity to caffeine.

In the same way, they point out that although there is no specific time that is more beneficial to drink green tea.

It is much more advisable to drink it during the day or at least two hours before sleeping.

Since also drinking liquids at bedtime can increase the need to urinate during the night, interrupting the quality of sleep.

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