Does Chamomile tea work for babies constipation?

We have all heard the famous “grandma’s remedies” that say that chamomile tea serves for almost everything: for babies constipation, diarrhea, to sleep more and better, for the eyes, colic, discomfort of the dentition, etc.

Currently, the public at large already knows that it is not necessary to give chamomile to a baby and, in addition, that no food or water should be offered until 6 months of age.

It is better to avoid it and even more so being so small. Babies who only feed on either breast or artificial milk.

Usually, up to 6 months, are already ingesting all the water their body needs every day.

If we give chamomile tea, the baby will be satiated, as he has a very small stomach.

What is chamomile tea?

The infusion of chamomile is characterized by being a hot drink made from herbs, specifically with dried chamomile flowers, infused in hot water for a few minutes.

Chamomile is a carminative herb, so it can be of some use when it comes to preventing the formation of gases and helping their expulsion.

This is why it has managed to become an interesting traditional remedy when it comes to calming the colic of babies.

But chamomile infusion also provides other interesting benefits. For example, it acts as a mild sedative, which is why adults usually consume it before bedtime, acting as a relaxing remedy.

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chamomile tea for babies constipation

How to know if the baby has constipation?

Since the little ones are born, we control each and every one of their movements.

We constantly inform ourselves of anything new we see to always give them the best care.

This is accentuated if the parents are first-timers. But you should know that it is normal for your baby to suffer from constipation just as it can happen to you.

To recognize if what is happening is constipation we must observe how the baby feels.

It is normal for babies to be upset, cry insistently, move and lift their legs, and turn red to try to push the stool.

Constipation in the baby requires rapid intervention, to prevent the problem from becoming a chronic discomfort, or becoming complicated.

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When is safe to give Chamomile tea to babies?

Chamomile is considered safe for children six months and older, so when you start introducing other foods besides breast milk, you can also introduce chamomile.

Usually, the dosage for a 6-month-old baby is about 15 ml or one tablespoon three times a day, but when it is first administered.

It is good to start with an even lower dose and always ask your pediatrician for an opinion first.

As an alternative to chamomile tea, there are other carminative herbs that can be used with similar effects and they are cumin, fennel, and coriander. All known to aid digestion.

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Does chamomile tea really work for babies’ constipation?

There are really no studies that clarify the safety or benefits of tea or infusions on the symptoms of babies, so the use of chamomile to treat these symptoms may not be justified.

On the contrary, what has been discovered is that chamomile can cause a series of adverse effects on children, such as:

  • Decreased absorption of iron and other minerals.
  • The sugar it contains increases the risk of tooth decay.
  • It satisfies the baby, so you are missing the opportunity to take foods that actually feed you. Chamomile has no nutritional value.
  • It can cause allergic reactions from consumption or direct contact.
  • Taking chamomile for diarrhea does not replace the lost mineral salts, consequently, the situation can be aggravated.
    In conclusion, experts advise against teas and infusions in nursing babies and young children.

chamomile tea for babies constipation

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How to make a chamomile infusion for babies

The ideal would be to get chamomile flowers in a phytotherapy store and organic farming.

Then the water is heated until it begins to boil; pour two teaspoons of chamomile flowers into a cup of hot, non-boiling water for 3-5 minutes and cover.

Subsequently, the infusion should be filtered.

Final thoughts.

It is always best to consult with a pediatrician. He will give you the best indications so that your baby does not remain upset.

Although it is true that constipation in babies is not a cause for concern and you do not have to be alarmed.

In the first months of life, the baby is usually to suffer constipation, regardless of the time or frequency.

Their gut system doesn’t work as effectively as adults, so gut problems are a day-to-day affair.

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