Does detox tea clean your liver?

Does detox tea clean your liver?

Detox tea is simply a fancy word for a tea that helps cleanse your liver, boosts your metabolism, and stimulates the body’s natural functions through the digestive tract, kidneys, and blood.

The liver has the important function of eliminating the toxins that we accumulate in our body and that are generated due to an incorrect diet.

The intake of certain medications, substances or alcoholic beverages.

This organ also participates in the synthesis of proteins and cholesterol, so its correct functioning guarantees in part our health.

Teas have been taken from ancient times and are again being the sensation because we are rescuing the natural, that is, it is fashionable to return to the basics, from eating habits to the way of exercising.

The different types of tea arise depending on the processing that gives it to the plant.

Thanks to this, there is white, green, red, black tea, which receive their name for the color they acquire after the fermentation and drying process.

For their benefits, these detox teas help your liver feel revitalized and like new in a week.

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Why a liver detox is important?

The liver has the important function of eliminating the toxins that we accumulate in our body and that are generated due to an incorrect diet, the intake of certain medications, substances or alcoholic beverages.

In addition, this organ also participates in the synthesis of proteins and cholesterol, so its correct functioning guarantees in part our health.

There are several conditions that can affect us if we do not give our liver a good deal, the most common are:

  • Fatty liver
  • Inflamed liver
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Hepatic congestion

All these conditions are caused by food excesses and substances such as alcohol, so eating a balanced diet and drinking tea to cleanse the liver will help us ensure the health of this important organ.

You can consume them on an empty stomach for 7 days or occasionally when you feel that you have committed some excess food.

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Does detox tea clean your liver?

When our liver has malfunctioned, it is reflected in signals such as lack of energy, slow metabolism, low defenses, mood swings, among others.

To keep it in good condition you can consume some natural drinks.

Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is one of the preventive measures, but also reduce the intake of foods high in sugar or with excessive fat, as well as soft drinks, coffee and taking too many medicines.

It will also be important to drink water, have a light dinner and get a good rest.

Teas are natural detox, and in a world with so many pollutants, it is necessary to activate our waste organs to always be clean liver, kidneys, intestines, skin.

Dandelion tea.

Dandelion prevents bleeding from the liver and improving the flow of bile are two of the main tasks that this root fulfills.

Studies on animals have confirmed one of the main properties attributed to dandelion tea by traditional medicine: the ability to detox the liver and protect it against toxic substances and excess fat.

Green tea.

When what we want is to purify ourselves, one of the best options we can resort to is green tea.

Numerous scientific studies support its extraordinary properties: it is a great source of antioxidants, helps detox the liver, fight cardiovascular diseases, and favors the elimination of abdominal fat.

Boldo tea.

Boldo tea is a very popular medicinal plant to detox and purify the liver due to its high content of antioxidants that favor your health.

It is also an excellent alternative to improve digestion and combat constipation.

It fights urinary infections, purifies the blood, favors the elimination of toxins and collaborates in the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys”,

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Mint tea.

Taking a mint tea instead of coffee is an alternative to start detoxing our liver.

This plant also helps to eliminate waste from the colon thanks to its purifying properties.

Mint is one of the most common aromatic herbs around the world. The best way to consume it is through teas and infusions.

Mint tea helps improve digestion and detox your liver.

Milk thistle tea.

The seed of milk thistle contains silymarin, a hepatoprotective substance.

It is good for regenerating liver tissue in acute and mild hepatitis, also for the treatment of Hepatobiliary insufficiency and jaundice.

As it helps detoxification, and in the initial stages of cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse.

Lemon tea.

Another of the highly efficient and easy to make infusions for fatty liver is the lemon tea.

This ingredient is known to promote the elimination of fat from our body, helping to cleanse the liver and improve its health.

It is one of the simplest infusions to prepare. Lemon, like other citrus fruits, helps detox the digestive and urinary system.

It improves digestion and contains antioxidant properties.

Ginger tea.

The liver is responsible for burning fat throughout the body, but sometimes, different factors can cause an accumulation of fats and toxins in it.

For that reason you have to constantly clean it with purifying remedies and ginger tea is ideal, especially when there are cases of gallstones.

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Detox tea benefits.

Detox tea, or detoxifying teas, are combinations of herbs that help you detoxify the body.

Surely you have heard mentioned before, about detox diets.

Some of these diets work well, but are somewhat extreme. With detox tea, the cleansing process is much simpler.

Just by drinking it daily for a certain time.

Of course, they are much more effective when combined with a healthy diet without needing to be extreme.

We also recommend that before deciding to add detox tea to your diet or daily routine, consult your doctor in order to have a better consumption guide.

  • They are high in antioxidants.
  • Inhibit appetite so it helps control weight.
  • They are natural depuratives, and in a world with so many pollutants, it is necessary to activate our waste organs to always be clean (liver, kidneys, intestines, skin).
  • Provide energy and vitality.
  • Certain combinations help to soothe a menstrual cramp as well as relieve a toothache, that is, they are also therapeutic.

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Homemade liver detox tea.

How to prepare ginger tea for liver detox.


  • Half a tablespoon of grated ginger
  • A cup of water
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • Juice of a lemon


  • You must boil the water and once it reaches its boiling point, place the rest of the ingredients in the amounts we have provided.
  • You will have to let everything rest over low heat for about 15 minutes, remove from the heat, pour into a cup and consume it very hot.
  • In the event that you need to sweeten it a little more, you can add half a tablespoon more honey.
  • You could even add some chamomile tea to it if it’s to your liking.

This drink should be consumed on an empty stomach and before going to bed for at least 3 weeks, because although the results begin to be noticed during the first 3 days.

It is necessary to continue with the treatment so that your body is totally detoxified.


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