What iced tea is good for you.

For many of us to drink drinks with ice, it is more common to get cold when temperatures go up.
Hot days plunge us into tall glasses of iced tea, which alleviate the first symptoms of dehydration.
But of course, it is a relatively modern practice, since the first home refrigerators have a little over 150 years of history.

The story of Ice tea originated in the USA, where tea was the protagonist of many historic events.
There are references to this manner of preparing tea from the beginning of the 19th century.
These early recipes used green tea as a base, which at this time was the most common, prepared very concentrated so it will be very intense.
It was a very common habit to add an alcoholic beverage and make a punch out of it.
The best known is Regent’s Punch, which owes its name to the British Regent Prince George IV.

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Which is better-iced tea or hot tea?

According to the Tea Association of the United States, Iced tea loses much of the antioxidants it normally possesses. Iced tea does not allow such a procedure.
These antioxidants in tea are very reactive, which means that they oxidize and disappear rapidly after exposure to oxygen in the air.
Drinking freshly infused hot tea allows the antioxidant content to be kept as high as possible.
If you let the tea rest in a covered container, the oxygen will slowly burn out and leave all the antioxidant power of the tea concentrated.


The best cold tea is the one that has a refreshing flavor such as mint, citrus, red fruits, ginger, etc.

In addition to a mild flavor that we do not have to sweeten too much (if we want to improve it).

That is why green and white teas or infusions based on those flavors are ideal.

In addition to being delicious, relaxing, and nutritious, the consumption of tea provides many benefits of its antioxidant action.
Which helps prevent different types of cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce appetite, rejuvenate, lose fat and accelerate metabolism.
Whether you want to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter, green tea is a recommended beverage because it’s full of antioxidants.
According to Yale-New Haven Hospital, you can reap the benefits of green tea whether you like ice cream or hot.
But there are a few things to keep in mind before you start drinking it.
So here we go with our answer what iced tea is good for you.

Helps burn calories.

Iced green tea contains catechins and caffeine, both substances have an effect that helps speed up metabolism, burning more calories in a shorter time.

It has Zero Calories.

And if all this were not enough, iced tea has zero calories as long as you drink this drink without sugar.

Improves your mental activity.

Iced tea is a powerful friend of the brain, as it makes our mental activity more agile, in addition to helping to maintain the health of our nervous system.


Tea is not only an excellent drink to combat the heat, but also removes our thirst and prevents dehydration. The most refreshing teas are those that contain mint, citrus or red fruits.

Moisturizes the skin.

By drinking a glass of chilled tea without sugar we are doing a huge favor to our body since the tea is full of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are excellent at slowing the progression of aging.

Provides vitamins.

Iced tea provides us with important nutrients such as vitamin B, C, and D, as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, niacin, and folic acid, which will help us improve our health at various levels.

Iced tea is a good option that brings together these nutrients and minerals thanks to fruits such as orange, red fruits, coconut, or pineapple.

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Helps with digestion.

Some cold teas such as green tea with lemon stimulate circulation thanks to their antioxidant properties that contribute to better digestion of food.

In addition, the essential oils present in green tea increase the flow of gastric juices, which facilitates digestion.

Different ways to prepare iced tea.

There are different ways to make iced tea: with and without ice. If we use ice, we must calculate a more significant number of tea strands (about twice as many).

We must prepare the most concentrated hot infusion and then add the ice.

In this way, we avoid diluting its flavor when the ice melts. This way of preparation is called iced tea.

If we decide not to incorporate the ice, we must infuse it with the number of strands for the proportion of water used.

Then take the liquor to the refrigerator until it is cold. Generally, when we don’t use ice, we call this drink cold tea.

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How to make iced tea to lose weight?

Cover with a lid the pot where we make the tea and leave in this way for about half an hour, this way the tea bags will release everything.


  • 5 bags of Green tea.
  • 2 lemons.
  • A handful of Ice cubes.
  • 500 ml of drinking water.
  • Honey or stevia to taste.

Iced Green Tea Recipe.

Iced green tea becomes one of the kings of terraces for those who deny soft drinks and avoid alcohol.

It is a tea with diuretic and antioxidant properties. Of course, you must be careful because it only needs about 2 or 3 minutes of infusion with water at about 75┬║ and, if you get confused, its flavor can become too bitter.

It is ideal for after-dinner after lunch and in the afternoon. Do you want to know how to prepare it very cold?

For its mild flavor, it is ideal to take only with ice and does not even need a sweetener.

We suggest that you add some mint leaves that give it that special touch and put it in the fridge for about 2 or 3 hours.

Afterwards, we will use a strainer and serve it with ice and a lemon crack.

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