How to make Thai iced tea.

How to make Thai iced tea.

Well-frozen black tea is the traditional Thai way to drink tea.

Scented with oriental spices and a touch of condensed milk, on an ice layer, it’s sweetly refreshing.

The original recipe is an explosion of calories, but we can take it to a dietary version, as an alternative for those who are committed to a low-calorie diet.

Three types of milk are used for its preparation: evaporated, coconut and condensed, being together gives it a great taste and a creamy appearance.

What time of day does it work for?

As you can see, it may not be a tea to drink at any time of the day.

On the one hand, it is cold; on the other, sweet; Finally, spicy.

While Thais may drink it at all hours of the day, it may be best to be reserved for dessert, in the afternoon in the snack, or even to supplement a soft drink or answer some “call” inside that asks you for some sugar.

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How to make Thai iced tea.

First of all, it all starts when you make a strong black tea, which is usually an Thai iced tea pic.Assam.

With it, some spices such as cloves, star anise, tamarind or cardamom are infused.

Once you get a strong tea, that’s when the preparation continues.

In a glass full of ice, pour the tea up to 2/3, 3/4 parts of the container.

And, here’s the key, you end up with a good dose of condensed milk on top, which will give you an incomparable sweetness, turning this cold tea into more than that, bringing it almost to the level of a dessert.

While this is already ready to drink, you can imagine that Thais have many variants.

Some use evaporated milk, some use coconut milk.

But what usually never varies is that it is a sweet, spicy and cold tea, always served with plenty of ice.

Variations of Thai tea.

Cold Thai tea: Bring condensed milk and sugar, and after putting ice is completed with a top of the cream.

It is the most well-known variety.

Dark cold Thai tea: it is Thai tea served cold without milk content, sweetened only with sugar.

The concept is based on traditional Indian tea, which is used as the main ingredient.

Thai lime tea: it is similar to the previous one, but flavored with lime, also sweetened with sugar. They can also add mint.

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These are the traditional preparations, with this recipe today you make drinks, ice cream, and Thai desserts.

Many talks about their bonds for health, while others seek to make it lighter, with a caffeine-free version, with less sugar, with skim milk, among other variants.

You know all about Thai tea or Thai tea and how to make it. All we have to do is follow our recipes at home and enjoy the drink.

But if you prefer a more traditional flavor we invite you to take a trip to Thailand and try it.

You can replace sugar with a sweetener and milk condensed with skim evaporated milk.

Just remember that it must be very icy and very sweet.


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