Is Earl Grey tea good for you.

Earl Grey tea combines the benefits of tea with that of citrus, being an ideal drink to strengthen our immune system and relieve winter colds.

This tea has been proven to be a healthy and natural drink, which aside from its delicious taste can bring several benefits to your health.

It is a blend of tea flavored with bergamot oil and is obtained with varieties of fermented black tea from India and Sri Lanka. Although we also find green or white tea in this class.

The success of this classic is due to a combination of black tea, and Earl Grey tea is the most consumed flavor and celebrity in the world.

It is known for its innumerable medicinal properties, from relaxing to those that make you improve your mood. Bergamot oil.

It is usually taken alone or with a bit of milk, although they have a somewhat citrus flavor.

And can be pretty refreshing when taken cold.

Earl Grey origin.

The story of Earl Grey tea is quite controversial. There are a number of versions to explain its origins.

What they all have in common is that it was an English count named Grey.

Who popularized this variety of tea in the 19th century.

One of the theories about the origin of Earl Grey tea, says that it was a Chinese man who made this tea known to Count Grey, as a gift for having saved his life.

Another says that it was not a Chinese, but a Maharaja who gave her the tea as a gift for having saved the life of her son about to be devoured by a tiger.

The most practical versions tell us about a possible accidental mixing of the cargo of a ship during a storm on a voyage.

Or that this type of aromatization was used to hide low-quality teas.

What can be said with insistence is that it is known that flavored tea has been consumed in China since the Tang dynasty, more than a thousand years ago.

And that this variety of tea became popular in Europe thanks to Count Charles Grey who took his name.

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Earl grey tea health benefits.

  • It stimulates the immune system, which contributes to better overall health in the face of disease.
  • The antidepressant properties of bergamot help relieve anxiety.
  • Does acts as a digestive, prevent stomach pain, and serves to treat nausea and colic.
  • It provides energy, thanks to its caffeine content, but without altering us excessively thanks to L-theanine. It is ideal for times when you need to stay focused.
  • Regulates tension, is recommended, especially for people with a tendency to have low blood pressure.
  • Antioxidants help fight free radicals and contribute to the regeneration of cells.

Earl grey tea properties.

Earl Grey tea combines the properties of black tea and bergamot.

  • Bergamot has antiseptic and anti-depressive properties.
  • Earl grey contains caffeine and L-Theanine
  • It’s rich in catechists.
  • You have fluoride that helps prevent cavities and other oral diseases.
  • Provide vitamins B, C, and E

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earl grey health benefits

Earl Grey side effects.

While Earl Grey tea is full of nutrition and has an excellent health-promoting drink and is safe for most people.

In moderate doses to drink too much can cause some negative side effects.

#1 Bergamot essential oil can cause toxicity Drinking large amounts of Earl Gray tea can cause you to ingest too much bergamot oil.

Bergamot contains a toxin called bergapten, which means that if you consume too much it can be really harmful to you.

It can affect potassium absorption in certain neurons and cause muscle spasms.

Cramps in the hands and legs can cause burning or itching, eye pressure, or blurred vision.

The center notes that these symptoms usually go away a week after stopping drinking Earl Grey tea.

#2. Problems with iron absorption Earl Grey tea contains tannic and Gallic acids.

Two compounds that interfere with the absorption of non-heme iron found in plant foods such as beans and green leafy vegetables.

Depending on the amount of these acids in your cup, which varies by brand, strength, and soaking time.

Drinking tea with a meal can reduce iron absorption by up to 75 percent.

To ensure proper iron absorption during your meals, it is optimal to drink between meals and not while eating them.

#3. Like all other natural teas, earl grey is caffeinated but more than other non-herbal teas.

A stimulant that acts on the central nervous system, which is maintained at a low-medium dose can be really helpful.

A moderate intake of up to 5 cups of tea per day is considered, but you have too much caffeine if you consume tea in addition to everything you could eat during the day, such as chocolate, coffee, or soft drinks (of which you shouldn’t be taking) You earl grey benefits.

Drinking too many non-herbal teas such as Earl Grey tea, like coffee, can cause palpitations, tremors, and insomnia in high doses of caffeine.

Earl Grey taste.

Contrary to other blends or aromatized teas in this tea is not lost, but is affirmed the taste of black tea.

While Bergamot gives the infusion an exotic touch, citrus, and floral distinctive.

Lately, it is possible to find it with less traditional tea base.

Darjeeling to achieve a more delicate and fragrant tea, green tea, and even rooibos Earl Grey.

Although we also find white in this class.

There are countless variations of this tea that include ingredients such as jasmine, lavender, rose petals, a variety of citrus, and herbs.

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Does Earl Gray tea have more caffeine than coffee?

The caffeine content in Earl Grey made with a black tea base will be similar to any other cup of black tea.

Between coffee, black tea, and green tea, coffee generally has the most caffeine content per 8 oz. Cup (95 to 200 mg), then black tea (14 to 61 mg), followed by green tea (24 to 40 mg).

How to make Earl Grey tea.

  • To prepare an Earl Grey tea it is recommended to do it in a teapot better than with tea bags.
  • A tablespoon and a half of tea per cup is used (or 1 teabag), and very hot water is used, at 95┬║C.
  • To achieve this temperature, bring the water to a boil and when it no longer bubbles, you can add it to the kettle.
  • Let stand for five minutes and enjoy your tea.
  • You can sweeten your infusion with milk and sugar, or with milk, cream, or if you prefer, you can enjoy tea without more, and taste all its variations.

There are several varieties of Earl Grey tea that you would like to know if you are already a hardcore tea drinker:

  • Lady Grey Tea: it is a variation created by the company Twinings that is softer and incorporates lemon and orange peel.
  • French Earl Grey Tea: include rose petals in the traditional blend.
  • Green Earl Grey Tea: Instead of using black tea in the mix, uses green tea.
  • London Fog: It is a drink that combines Earl Grey tea with evaporated milk and vanilla syrup.

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