Does Oolong Tea really help your waistline?

Does Oolong Tea really help your waistline?

It is well known that what we eat at night can influence your weight gain or lose weight, and Oolong tea has proven to be effective on your waistline.

Whenever we talk about losing weight we remember that there is no magic bullet.

The real secret to weight loss is a combination of good food, sports practice and constancy.

Without these ingredients, it doesn’t matter what tricks you try to put into practice: you won’t achieve your goal unless you change your lifestyle.

If you’re already doing things right and would like to try some weight loss aid, a new study reveals that Oolong tea (also called blue tea) can promote body fat loss overnight.

Oolong tea is one of the most consumed teas in China.

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented green tea with a special and unique process that gives it the characteristics of green tea and black tea, that is, it has antioxidant power, it increases immune defenses, prevents cancer, promotes the lungs, is hypoglycemic (reduces blood sugar), reduces blood pressure, regulates cholesterol, is general rejuvenating, balances body weight, is extractive against fats, soothes thirst and combats the effects of alcoholic beverages among other things.

It is highly required lately around the world due to its excellent slimming benefits, among other issues that have to do with its multiple properties.

It has a taste similar to green tea (one of the healthiest drinks in the world), but less herbal and with some nuances reminiscent of black tea.

In fact, Oolong is defined as a mixture of the other two and, in oxidation, acquires a bluish tone to which it owes its popular name: blue tea.

It is recommended to “regulate metabolism and control obesity”, a very complete effect to lose weight backed by various scientific research.

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Does Oolong Tea really help your waistline?

One of its main benefits is that its components help you relax if you are stressed.

It also has a polyphenolic compound that is vital to help control metabolism and fat in the body.

Oolong tea also serves as an element that activates certain enzymes, improving the functions of fat cells in the body.

Adding a cup of this tea to your diet daily, it can help reduce your risk of weight gain.

To test the properties of Oolong tea or blue tea, researchers tracked 12 healthy participants between the age of 20 and 56 for two weeks.

The team administered to these individuals three types of substances at breakfast or lunch: Oolong tea (100 mg caffeine, 21.4 mg of golic acid, 97 mg of catechins and 125 mg of polymerized polyphenol), caffeine (100 mg) or a placebo.

The results revealed that caffeine and Oolong tea increased fat oxidation by approximately 20% without affecting energy expenditure for 24 hours, and blue tea was shown to have significant efficacy for breaking down fat while participants slept.

One of the latter, conducted by the Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (a reference institute in China), showed that consuming eight grams of Oolong tea a day, just under three cups, for six weeks it is possible to lose 6.5 pounds without changing the diet.

So did 22% of the participants in their research, in which 70% lost at least one.

In addition, 12% reduced their abdominal fat.

According to the researchers, it could be because blue tea accelerates the metabolization of fats, i.e. The body burns them faster.

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Oolong tea side effects.

These side effects that we list, can occur when taking Oolong tea in excess, if you suffer from kidney disease, stomach ulcer, coffee allergy, tannins; if you’re pregnant. In all cases, it is always good to consult your doctor.
Side effects that may occur with taking Oolong tea include:

  • Low potassium
  • Stomach pains, if you suffer from stomach ulcer should not consume Oolong tea.
  • Thiamine deficiency (vitamin B1),
  • For pregnant women, it is better to abstain from taking Oolong tea, or consume it in minimal amounts.
  • Excessive tea consumption can cause kidney damage, people suffering from kidney disease should consult their doctor if they want to consume the tea.
  • If you have a caffeine or tannin allergy, you’d better not take it.
  • It can cause insomnia or gastric irritation, so it is suggested not to consume before bed or on an empty stomach.

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How do I drink blue tea for weight loss?

Ideally, you should consume it one hour before major meals, or an hour later.

You should remember that the tea contains tannins, so it prevents good absorption of iron if we take it immediately after eating.

You can take it twice a day.

Can Oolong tea keep you thin?

In a way, if, after having weight successfully, you must maintain healthy habits so as not to regain lost weight.

During this process Oolong tea can help you do so, Oolong tea works by preventing you from storing calories in the form of fat.

This way that by drinking Oolong tea daily, you can maintain a thin silhouette, as long as you eat healthy.

Does Oolong tea speed up fat burning?

Generally speaking, yes, Oolong tea for weight loss is a caffeine-rich beverage, this is the first scientifically proven substance to successfully accelerate fat burning, accompanied by of course a low-fat diet and physical exercise.

If you don’t know, caffeine is a very stimulating substance that increases the rate at which your body burns fat and accelerates the elimination of calories that are inside your body stored in the form of fat.

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Is it better than other weight loss teas?

Currently, there is not enough evidence to show that Oolong tea burns more fat or helps you lose weight faster than other teas.

In contrast, there are studies that green tea would be the most effective at accelerating fat loss, as green tea lowers the level of fat and cholesterol in the blood plasma faster and in greater quantity than Oolong tea and black tea.

How is blue tea prepared?

Water temperature. The ideal temperature to make blue tea is 90 degrees. No more, no less.

Tea waiting time. Once you have the water, you have to pour a small amount of tea (between 2-5 grams) for a 200ml cup of tea.

Let’s infuse for two to three minutes and you’re done.


Trying Oolong tea can be an interesting one-way trip into the world of tea.

Surely, when you start noticing in your body its important effects, you will not stop consuming it.

Going to Oolong tea helps your waistline is definitely gaining popularity.

Also known as Oolong tea or black dragon, it is a variety that has been the subject of countless studies showing that it effectively helps us to lose weight naturally.

Its flavor is a mixture of sensations between green and red tea.

Without a doubt, a delight for the senses and for your health, that you should not miss the opportunity to try.

Blue tea has an excellent reputation among connoisseurs.

It is of fine stroke and pleasant taste, with incredible properties that make it unique and exceptional.

It is also a variety that is becoming more and more known, and that will be difficult to find.

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