What tea is good for an upset stomach?

Tea and infusions are our greatest allies when it comes to an upset stomach in a more natural way in a fast and effective manner.

Sometimes it is an occasional problem, but there are those who face it more regularly.

Here are eight popular tea infusions that will help you treat an upset stomach and feel much better.

They are quite effective and do not have the contraindications that some of the drugs dedicated to treating such stomach pains do.

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8 Tea good for an upset stomach.

Fennel tea.

Fennel is a natural remedy that will help you end severe stomach pains.

It is a plant with really good properties to prevent the accumulation of gases in the stomach and to facilitate the entire digestive process.

It stimulates the segregation of gastric juices, improving digestion and helps reduce stomach pain thanks to its antispasmodic properties and to treat gases.

Ginger tea for upset stomach.

Perfect for relieving severe stomach pain that anyone can suffer.

There are many properties of ginger, a root that promotes circulation and solves digestive problems and flatulence.

It also helps control nausea in pregnancy by the action of gingerols, which improve gastric emptying and, therefore, decrease gastroesophageal reflux.

It helps digestion and prevents future gastric problems like burns, nausea or gas.
To prepare the ginger infusion, it is preferable to boil a few slices of the root in water for 3 or 4 minutes, then remove them and let them cool.
A good tip is to add a few drops of lemon, which will help improve its effects.

Is chamomile tea good for upset stomach?

It is one of the classic remedies. Chamomile is very useful to calm the stomach, dissipate the gas and relax the muscles a little, thus relieving the sensation of pain.

It is a medicinal herb that has a series of really good properties that help to have a good digestion and to avoid problems of burning or gas after each meal.

This infusion can be taken every day after each meal and thus avoid suffering from any problem related to the digestive system.

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Anise tea.

Anise is another of the outstanding plants to calm stomach discomfort and ailments related to the digestive system.

It is appreciated above all, for its carminative properties, which means that it is excellent for eliminating the accumulation of gases that cause bloating and abdominal pain.

It is also antispasmodic, decreases acidity and contributes to the realization of good digestion.

Peppermint tea.

Peppermint is another herb that has a number of ideal properties to treat any problem related to the digestive system.

You can choose to use tea bags or infuse the mint leaves yourself.

A couple of cups of this infusion will facilitate the entire digestive process and prevent you from suffering any type of pain in the stomach.

Boldo tea.

It is one of the plants “par excellence” as far as digestive problems are concerned.

The aroma of boldo has toning effects for the stomach. In addition, such effects are due to cineole.

A substance protective effects of this organ and the liver.

Licorice tea.

The licorice taste is one of those that is loved or hated, there is no balance.

This plant was already used in ancient Egypt and traditional Chinese medicine recommends that its relieve the stomach and recover his mucous membrane.

The leading cause of gastroduodenal ulcers is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Actually, the standard treatment for this is to eradicate the bacterial infection.

A research team studied the anti-inflammatory properties of licorice components to fight infections of this bacterium and determined that it could be part of a combined treatment to treat this ailment.

Basil tea.

Common basil offers benefits to promote digestion, prevent gastric spasms and promote the production of gastrointestinal flow.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of basil could make it a good choice to fight bacteria that would cause diarrhea, constipation and gas.

There is an especially interesting variety known as holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) or tulsi, which is widely used as a medicinal infusion in Ayurvedic medicine.

Studies on it show its ability to reduce acidity and promote the recovery of stomach flora.

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How to avoid upset stomach.

In addition to teas for an upset stomach, we recommend following these tips to alleviate stomach discomfort:
  • Drinking lots of water will help you absorb and digest food more effectively. Hydration makes it easier to digest and prevent abdominal pain. In case of diarrhea, hydration is also important.
  • Do not lie down after eating and if you want to rest, do not lie down horizontally, otherwise heartburn may develop.
  • If your stomach aches, apply a heat bag to the area until it cools, so that you relax the muscles and ease digestion.
  • If you experience diarrhea, follow a diet based on bananas, white rice, applesauce and toast.
  • With the starch in these foods, they relieve diarrhea and help make bowel movements much firmer.
  • Avoid heavy foods which are difficult to digest or feel unwell.
  • Tobacco and alcohol can irritate and damage stomach tissues. Avoid them to relieve discomfort.

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Final Thoughts.

Next time you ask yourself the question, What tea is good for an upset stomach?

Remember, These are eight infusions that act as natural remedies thanks to their excellent properties.

They are highly effective and do not have the contraindications that some of the medicines dedicated to treating these stomach aches do.

Naturally, these are infusions that work well with mild and moderate pain.

Never ignore the consultation with the doctor if the pain persists despite the ingestion of these natural infusions.

It is essential that, if your digestions, are not good or you suffer from bloating or a lot of gas, the specialist rules out any health problem related to the digestive system.

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