How to make mushroom tea?

How to make mushroom tea?

The boom of mushroom tea, now begins to arrive in the USA as expected, where blog posts begin to emerge that talk about its supposed benefits for health.

Among others, the antioxidant properties are cited, to reduce cholesterol, to help prevent or treat cancer (colorectal, breast, uterine cancer, pancreatitis, to lower blood pressure, to strengthen the immune system or to reduce blood sugar levels.

Mushrooms, the movement known as shroom to have more energy, calm anxiety and have beautiful skin.

It turns out that mushroom teas are something that has been used for a thousand years in Chinese medicine and so far we are learning in the West that taking them can give us more energy, lower stress, increase sexual energy, and improve skin and hair.

Types of mushroom tea and its benefits.

Adaptogenic plants and fungi help the body to adapt better to situations or factors that can alter their state of health:

Ashwagandha: root that increases resistance to environmental stressors, relieves pain, is an antioxidant, reduces inflammation, stimulates thyroid function, helps regulate stress, modulates cortisol levels, and also stimulates the respiratory and immune function.

Reishi: Occupies a place of honor in the Eastern tradition because it is considered to have the ability to extend life.

Science has confirmed its healthy properties, but there is not enough scientific evidence to support each and every one of the multiple benefits for which it has become famous around the world.

Chaga: The nutritional properties of Chaga were already known in ancient times.

There are records of its uses since the sixteenth century, when it was used in Eastern European countries as a remedy for pathologies as diverse as gastritis, tuberculosis and even cancer.

In fact, its antitumor qualities due to its content of betulin and betulinic acid have been investigated for decades, more exhaustively since the nineties. They are compounds that are studied as chemotherapeutic agents.

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How to make mushroom tea?

Ashwagandha tea.


  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 tea bag of Ashwagandha (try to use too little and its flavor is very intense and can be unpleasant if you use too much)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom


Boil all ingredients over low heat except for cardamom. Once it is boiling and the volume has been reduced a bit, add the cardamom. Drink it while it’s hot.

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Place raw or dried reishi mushrooms in a boiling pot in a ratio of about five to one of purified water to the mushroom pieces.

Be sure to cut the mushrooms into small pieces to effectively extract their nutrients.


  • Then allow mixing over low heat for a minimum of two hours.
  • Gently stir the concoction every ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Drain the pieces of mushrooms and, if desired, leave aside the tincturing process.
  • Take the remaining liquid and enjoy a hot or cold tea.

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  • Take a teaspoon of chaga powder or grate a little.
  • Add it to the water on to boil.
  • Let it macerate to taste.

The most interesting thing of all is that we can reuse it more than 10 and 20 times without losing its properties.

It has a special and quite bitter taste, but mixed with (pure) cocoa powder we can improve its flavor a lot.

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