Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Tea bags?

Different theories say that one is better than the other.

And also that loose-leaf tea is usually the best, whereas tea bags are of low quality.

These refer mainly to tea bags found on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores.

Besides, are disapproved by tea connoisseurs and, according to them, are of no quality.

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We have no time to wait until the water is at the correct temperature.

Or to let the tea rest enough for it to release all its aromas and nutrients.

We believe that with a tea bag, you will get all the benefits of tea, but expressively, without slowing down your pace of life.

But remember that tea was born as a delicacy, and over the centuries it has become at the same time an excellent tool for socializing.

And a little whim of pleasure with which we spend time together.

Our frenetic pace of life should bear this in mind.

This does not mean that we are fierce opponents of tea bags and that we believe that loose tea is the only alternative.

At the end of the post, we reveal a solution that could eventually turn these two supposed antagonists into the perfect pair.

Advantages of loose-leaf tea and tea bags.

Apart from the advantages of both forms of tea, each method also has its disadvantages.

First, we need to highlight the benefits of teabag shapes, which are very simple in their preparation.

Open the tea box, take a bag, leave it in warm water, and wait between 5 to 8 minutes.

Bulk tea, however, can be dosed at will, which is not possible with tea bags.

Because the bags are packed with the proper amount of each tea for a mug.

The price depends a lot on the products and whether they are organic or not.

Tea in the pyramids, for instance, is typically more expensive than loose tea.

Loose tea is usually less expensive and tea in bags usually requires less preparation time, as well as less storage space.

But what is unquestionable is that bulk tea is usually fresher than tea bags.

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Can Tea Bags be Reused
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Drawbacks from loose-leaf tea and tea bags.

If you like more intense tea, you must use several bags of tea.

And it is impossible to combine tea blends as easily as when you prepare loose tea.

As for the size of organic loose tea, it takes longer to prepare than tea bags, because it usually requires a little more time to rest in warm water.

Besides the requirement of good accessories such as filters and teaspoons to measure the right quantity of tea.

People who love to drink tea passionately and know the different varieties, do not usually drink tea bags.

When we talk to tea producers, they often tell us that they use the big, pretty leaves for bulk tea, while the broken, small leaves or powder uses for tea bags.

Also, it should be added that the ingredients that make tea lose so valuable.

Since minerals and essential oils are lost, therefore tea also loses most of its flavor.

Only a standard range of teas and infusions is usually found in supermarkets and grocery stores, but more exclusive specialty teas can be purchased only in bulk.

Although most plastic tea bags are classified as food-grade, they may fail to maintain their integrity in boiling water or when heated in the microwave. As a result, toxins may affect your tea.

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Although even in the process of collecting and making some loose-leaf teas machines have intervened, the problem with mass-produced teas that will then be packaged in paper sachets is that their entire process is mechanized.

While waiting to be packaged, the remaining pieces of the process.

Smaller pieces and dust can be stored for weeks and perhaps not in the best conditions, so when it comes to being introduced into the sachets their freshness will not be that of the first day.

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What’s inside a teabag?

Over 100 years ago, Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea importer, began sending tea samples to his customers sewn into small silk bags.

He did not think his clients should take the tea bags to prepare them, and therefore the tea bag was born.

Inside these rectangular packages, we generally find broken leaves or straight from tea powder.

They are smaller parts and dust, that is, the remains that remained after the treatment of the first-class leaves, the whole leaves.

The broken leaves and dust are the lowest grades within the hierarchy of the tea leaf in its dry state.

Also in many cases, they come from leaves of worse quality.

Older leaves and closer to the ground.

The use of broken or pulverized leaves helps them to better adapt to the small space of a tea bag.

And release their color and caffeine content faster.

However, when the leaf is atomized rather than whole when it is infused.

Many of its minerals and essential oils are lost.

This will lead to lower consumption of the basic nutrients of tea and a more tasteless.

Therefore, on certain occasions, tea companies will add artificial flavors.

On the other hand, there is evidence that, when immersed in water, these shredded tea leaves release more tannins.

Which will give the tea a more bitter and astringent taste.

At this point, it is very important not to confuse these commercial pulverized teas with Japanese matcha tea,

Unlike the former, matcha or powdered tea is not infused, but mixed with hot water, so that when ingesting it.

We do not drink an infusion, but the powdered tea leaf itself, so we will absorb all its properties.

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loose tea vs teabags
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Final Thoughts.

For those in a hurry, tea bags are usually faster to prepare and can be bought at almost any supermarket.

However, it is often more expensive and the intensity of the flavor.

And aroma may not be enough for those who prefer tea well-charged and those who love to make blends.

Bulk tea can be found only in online stores and is purchased per gram.

Teabags are usually cheaper, but for real tea lovers, loose tea preparation is not a problem.

And is rewarded with a fresher result and a more intoxicating smell.

The quality of tea, loose tea, and tea bags is mainly made on the intensity of the taste of the tea.

Since loose-leaf tea has a normally strong flavor, this is mainly due to its dosage.

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