Jasmine Oolong Tea.

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Jasmine Oolong Tea is produced by melting Oolong Green Tea with the fragrance of jasmine flowers.

To this particular tea are added jasmine flowers, which stand out for their characteristic aroma and for providing a relaxing fine distinction to this infusion.

Its taste is subtly sweet and is the most enjoyed aromatic tea in China.

Jasmine Tea is one of the most enjoyable green teas available today.

It is considered of good manners to serve jasmine tea as a gesture of welcome to guests.

The proportions between the leaves and the jasmine flowers used, or the use of more or less young leaves, are also often varied.

Both flowers and leaves are left to dry in a warm room and after rolling, cut into strands, mixed with base tea (usually green), presented in tea bags or in “pearls”.

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These are usually made with two parts of flowers and one of the jasmine leaves and are very attractive to present next to the cup of tea.

In addition to its exquisite taste, this blend offers various health benefits.

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Jasmine Tea, all the benefits of oolong tea with the softness of the flowers.

Promotes the elimination of fats, contributes to the regulation of cholesterol levels and blood pressure while being purifying of the body.Jasmine tea pic

This tea also has antioxidant properties, typical of green tea; and is rich in calcium and fluoride, so it promotes the good condition of the bones and prevents the appearance of cavities

Reduce the chances of colds and flu: Drinking jasmine tea offers antiviral and antibacterial properties that help prevent respiratory diseases.

Some studies have shown a relationship between the consumption of jasmine tea and the reduction of fat cells in the body. This can help people reach their weight loss goals faster.

It is believed that consuming jasmine tea reduces the chances of developing diabetes.

Drinking jasmine tea regulates sugar levels and insulin formation in the body.

This infusion may also be beneficial for reducing blood sugar levels even in diabetics.

Drinking jasmine tea is also beneficial for improving blood circulation. Thus, it helps prevent some diseases such as blood clots, arterial plaques, brain damage, thrombosis, and high blood pressure.

How to make Jasmine Oolong Tea.

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